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HD Lizardmen Race (NPCs & Player)


As the title says, I'm working on an NPC rework for each of the human 'Townie' NPCs aswell as the own player.
For now I already got 8 NPCs complete, the player with 8 'hairstyles', changed 8 helmets (the base ore ones) to fit with the new lizard head and I'm still working on the rest.
I started doing this for myself, but then I saw that you can share things like this here, so why not.

NPC Preview.PNG

I'm gonna add the files if the Pre-Hardmode NPCs are done, so be patient with me.
Also I'm trying to figure out if theres some way to change textures from mods, like Tremor or Thorium, if so, I'm gonna convert all the humans there too.

I figured out how to overwrite modded NPCs and I'm writing a mod that does just that.
Also I did some more sprites in like a 'Theme' I guess.
I wanted some NPCs to be guards at my towns so I made em to.

Wizard - Guide - Sorcerer(Tremor) - Knight(Tremor) - Archer(Tremor)
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I thought about that, but in the end, it kinda works fine for me. It adds quite a little detail for the Characters, which I quite like.
It's only the heads that are that kind. Since weapons and stuff are dynamicly it fits very well in my opinion.- That's why it's a 'texture pack', it's used for own likings.
Agent sansstorm probably either in years or never you should just try to contact the creator on many websites until he might notice you eventually.
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