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Logic Puzzle Idea


I'm working on a logic puzzle using switches, torches, and the new logic gates for one of my maps. The following hints will be written beneath each of the torches. If the player get the combo right, they get to continue. If anyone wants to try and figure it out I have the answers in a spoiler here:
On, Off, On, Off, Off, On

If torch 1 is on then 2 is off

If torch 2 is on then 4 is on

If torch 3 is off then 5 is on

4 must be on
If all previous statements are assumed true, then the door will be closed

If all statements are assumed false, excluding statement #5, then 6 is true

Is it too hard? Too easy?


that sounds a lot like that riddle with the boat and getting animals across a river and you have to pick which ones to take first. to be honest though the hints for solving it is confusing at least for me and i would just keep fiddling with the switches till i got it. its a nice idea but work on the hints a little. an idea is you can make a background hint with the right torches lit and the player has to match them with a sign saying "the bottom must match the top" honestly that might be to simple but i suck at ideas lol.

im making a whole dungeon that will have the player needing to have 4 pacific rooms out of 8 filled with water and the only written clue will be "give to the animals the gift of water" or something along those lines. With each of the needed rooms having small pixel art on the wall of an animal (fish, jellyfish, shark and, whale) while the whole dungeon is in the shape of octopus.
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