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    Well I can't really comment much on the contents of the video, as I don't speak the language, but I am sure it is very informative. :)

    About that "Restricted Storage" thing... It's an interesting design, that's for sure. I don't fully get what's going on in there. You could maybe, you know, write a little bit of a description about how/why it works. (There may have been in the video, but I can't read that...)

    Generally with terraria wiring I find it's a lot simpler to thing about "signals" rather than "states". Logic gates don't really output a state, they output a signal, when the value of their logic operation changes. This also makes it very obvious, that the normal and negated versions of gates are effectively the same. So, this would be a more signal oriented design, that I believe does the same thing as your one:


    Signals from the input go straight to the output, if both read and wright enable are ON.
    When read enable is ON, the input also toggles the lamp of a sort of "reset gate".
    When the write enable switch is toggled ON, the reset gate will put out a signal on the output line, if the "internal state" of the device was changed since the last time.
    We don't want this to happen when the write enable switch gets turned OFF, so first we need to divide the number of incoming signals by 2. (This is done with a sort of mini, one segment binary counter.)

    (Coming up with this has actually been really fun. :happy: It's a bit more complicated than I expected. It's sort of similar to the edge select module in my cellular automaton...)
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    I try to make a simple diagram with the system possibilities.
    It shows how The Testricted Stora Circuit works.
    The Official Terraria Wiki says: "While read is off, the internal bit will never change; while read is on, the internal bit will copy input. Independent of that, while write is off, the output will never change; while write is on, the output will copy the internal bit. The bit is the "or" logic gate next to the junction box (hammering)."

    I think that the model attached is more easy to understand the system (i translated it to english).

    I made your project in my Terraria World, it is awesome, but I dont know whats is wrong in it. I think that is a T Flip-Flop in it because it alternate the signal. I really I don't know that but it is very compact, cool and use only faulty lamp: Top!


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    Sorry, my bad. I missed a piece of wire. The yellow output wire is supposed to connect to both the output and the base of that top lamp. I've updated the picture in the previous post.

    So, I get that this is what it looks like it's doing, but what I am trying to say, is that it really doesn't reflect how it works in-game. The inputs and outputs don't have a state. Only lamps do. Here, a drew a thing:


    This is pretty much exactly how my design works. (I may have switched up the evaluation order of logic gates in some places, but it doesn't matter.) UPPERCASE stuff are input/output wires. PascalCase stuff are the states of the four lamps.
    Top left is ReadEnable
    Top right is OutputNeedsFixing
    Bottom left is WriteEnable
    Bottom right is RisingEdge
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    Hey, friend
    I didn't forget you.
    I'm thinking about your system and flowchart.
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    Alright, no worries. :)

    I hope I didn't come across as an :red: there, or anything. It's just that once you actually wrap your head around how this stuff works, it makes wiring so much easier, and you can create some really cool things with it.
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