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Sure thing, though you could've simply just searched YouTube for the best mage class play through.
Spectre set with hood & mask. You will need both hood and mask while playing as the spectre. It is handy to switch between the two as depending on your situation you can either deal increased damage or have a big health regeneration boost. Unfortunately it's quite awkward switching between items on mobile but hopefully the menu will be revamped during the 1.3 update ;).

Razorblade typhoon, Nimbus rod, Golden shower, Razor pine, Bubble gun. I'll breifly describe these due to to fact you probably already are familiar with these items or don't want a book as big as the Bible describing the weapons. That's what the gamepedia is for :).
Razorblade typhoon- High damage, uses a lot of mana though; you will need a mana flower equipped.
Nimbus rod- Use to understand its purpose, place directly over the target to "make it rain".
Golden shower- Fast, cheap and weakens enimies defence making your primary weapons do extensive damage.
Razor pine- Machine gun like mage weapon, cheap and very power even for heals. Very OP!
Bible gun- Most overpowered mage weapon in 1.2.4, kills everything extremely fast with the accessories and prefixes set right. Makes bosses feel like zombies.

Mana flower, Ankh shield, Destroyer emblem, Sorcerer emblem, Wings of choice. (( Lightning boots can be swapped with mana flower when needed or an emblem.))
Set all prefixes to warding or menacing depending on play style or have a mix up.


You're probably surprised someone answered. The mobile forums are currently dead and gone at the moment. I actually made a post about that :). Hope this helps and the best of luck!
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