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Looking for alot of players for a big Co-Op/Versus modded playthrough. Fun intended :)


Hej there everyone!

My name is 8lueDra9on, and I want to set up a grand versus-coop playthrough with a lot of people!
I need active players for this, for some of the parts require everyone to be online. I am UTC+1:00, so Amsterdam/Paris timezone. Western Europe. Mostly online in the evening, weekends also during afternoons.
The playthrough will be modded. Any knowledge of Terraria/the mods is not necessary!

This means basically that everyone that plays along will be divided into 4 teams. Inside a team you will help each other. But the teams will fight against each other!
The only thing where the teams play along with each other, is during bossfights and special events. But other then that, the teams are on their own!
You can even raid the bases of other teams!
You will need a medium-core player, which means you will lose all your items when you die!
And the world will be Expert, so make sure to come prepared :)

I set up a Discord server already. If you're interested to join this event, follow this link:


I'm looking for about 14 more players at this time. So be quick if you want in!

If you want to know the rules of the play-through, or the modlist, they can all be found in the pinned messages in the Discord server. If you have any further questions before you want to join, send me a PM:


I will guarantee you this will be a lot of fun. I hope you're just as hyped as me!

I hope to see you in the server! ;)

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