Mac looking for friend who enjoys the company of dumb people

Discussion in 'PC Quick Hookup' started by Katah, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Katah

    Katah Terrarian

    i just bought Terraria like a week ago and none of my friends on discord have the game but if anyone's up for playing with someone who didn't know until yesterday you could stack penguins hmu!
    i would say ;;if anyone also just got the game or something;; but
    it's like eight years old

    but if anyone did just get the game,,
    i might be able to mic if it's like... night, my discord's katah#9250, yes u can make fun of me
    there will be many opportunities to make fun of me
    also hmu on discord if u get winter sad and u WILL be flooded with love and affection
    I think that's it yea
    have a good day
  2. Nugger

    Nugger Terrarian

    Yeah sure ok...
  3. supasaads

    supasaads Terrarian

    yeah sure accept my discord friend request so we can start
  4. IFoundChemo

    IFoundChemo Terrarian

    This is pretty late but I wouldn't mind playing
  5. dances_with_smurfs

    dances_with_smurfs Terrarian

    My steam is dances_with_smurfs
  6. Would be fun. I’ll add you on discord.
  7. Zneel

    Zneel Steampunker