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PC Looking for low performance texture pack


I cant seem to find any texture packs that replace the sprites with lower-resolution variations, like, to increase frame rates in specific situations. Anybody know if such a mod exists?


texture pack's sprites must be exact size as original ones.
If we're talking dimensions, a low res texture pack may still be possible, im assuming the less colors that are used in a specific array of pixels, the lower the file size should be. Limit it to 3 colors and a transparency per sprite. Like an NES or SMS game. That should work shouldnt it?


That probably wont work at all. Texture packs require the images be the exact same dimensions as the image its replacing. And the colors wont really make a difference at all.


Dungeon Spirit
Only things to improve performance are in the settings menus you can disable a bunch of visual details. Journey mode's ingame tweaks can impact performance. (I do NOT recommend speeding up time on low end computers)
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