PC looking for other players to play with

Discussion in 'Quick Hookup' started by PatchFNPainted, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    I rarely ever do multiplayer for terraria because for one I don't really have anyone thats online to even play with XD
    would anyone like to multi with me???
  2. Sacha

    Sacha Terrarian

    I would because like you, none of my friends either have time to play a good multiplayer world or don't have the game. It depends what time zone you are in.
  3. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

  4. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    anyone want to play?
  5. II Noxxious II

    II Noxxious II Terrarian

    I used to play on console, but I recently got Terraria on my laptop. I'd be up for some multiplayer, although I am from the U.K so time zones could be tricky. Also, I still need to learn how to use servers and steam better. I am up for playing though, if you would like.
  6. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    sure thing :)
  7. Fresh Konfucjush

    Fresh Konfucjush Terrarian

    mee mee
  8. JeremySkates16

    JeremySkates16 Terrarian

    Im down to play with anyone if you have a steam i can add (Mountain Standard Time(AZ))
  9. Fresh Konfucjush

    Fresh Konfucjush Terrarian

    yes, I have
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    I'm from Europe
  10. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    all can add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/PatchFNPainted/
  11. general550

    general550 Terrarian

    Hey dude, I'd like to play multiplayer aswell. I've sent you a friend request on steam. My timezone is central european
  12. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    awesome thank you!!!
  13. MBYahooo

    MBYahooo Terrarian

    Hey! I'd love to plad some multi with someone. I just added you.
  14. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

  15. easonmicah1

    easonmicah1 Terrarian

    Sure, add me on steam, my username is easonmicah1.
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    if anyone wants to,add me on steam. my username is easonmicah1
  16. orthuzad

    orthuzad Terrarian

    still looking for people to play with?
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  17. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

  18. nogiasianrepublic

    nogiasianrepublic Terrarian

    Is this still on? If so, I am at the Pacific Time Zone.
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  19. PatchFNPainted

    PatchFNPainted Terrarian

    yupperoni its still on!!!
  20. MountainFalcon15

    MountainFalcon15 Terrarian

    i wanna join, cause no one's replying to my thread.
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