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PS4 Looking for Ps4 players.

Discussion in 'Console Quick Hookup' started by BakenBlaze, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    Hey if anyone could help please check out my thread fund for friends
  2. seifXD

    seifXD Terrarian

    Psn: seifXD
    Mic: yes
    I don't like talking through the mic I prefer chatting
  3. cyrax6543

    cyrax6543 Terrarian

    Add me cyrax6543 need someone to play with
  4. cyrax6543

    cyrax6543 Terrarian

    I sent you a request in cyrax6543 I would love to play terraria with you
  5. ROHAI

    ROHAI Terrarian

    Fairly new to game but add if you dont mind playing pre hardmode
  6. jawlol99

    jawlol99 Terrarian

  7. bryce_sylvia

    bryce_sylvia Terrarian

    trying to do pumpkin moon rn I need some people add me brycetrolllollol. can give some loot to
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    add me I need people to do pumpkin moon with and a couple other things add me at brycetrolllollol
  8. Prawl1984

    Prawl1984 Terrarian

    Almost in hardmode feel free to add me
  9. Super_Nang87

    Super_Nang87 Terrarian

    Add meee plz i have no freinds and my gf plays buy she is studying atm so i need some people tp play with so add me

  10. Super_Nang87

    Super_Nang87 Terrarian

    Hey added u ;)
  11. juggaloman

    juggaloman Terrarian

    hey i am still kind of new to terraria...my pn name is "sejuggla"....send me an add on there and add terraria...would love to play with ppl soloing is getting kinf of boreing...lol
  12. 10XxTylorxX01

    10XxTylorxX01 Terrarian

    Ill play
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    Ill play
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    I play ps4 anyone wanna play, add zombie_115slayer
  13. Jovany

    Jovany Terrarian

    My psn is Jovany07
  14. casindrex

    casindrex Terrarian

    Add me! Need help getting to hardmode

    PSN = Casindrex
  15. Mad_Havel

    Mad_Havel Terrarian

    I want some terrarian's that can play with me oh and a little help to
    I need to beat the twins and
    skelo prime
    And try to beat the game
    My psn:Mad_Havel
  16. EtheMermaid

    EtheMermaid Terrarian

    Hey, my tag is EtheMermaid. I don't have a hardcore world anymore but a hardmode character on ps4. Add if you like :)
  17. Hobo_Santa77

    Hobo_Santa77 Terrarian

    PSN: Hobo_Santa77. Started playing this game again last week, came on today and my entire inventory had been wiped, all my stuff had gone and I had nothing, tried to download an old save on the PS4 and that wiped everything. My character, my world, my items, everything. So I’m trying to rebuild now. Don’t suppose there’s anyone who wants to start afresh with me? Or any lovely Endgame players would help me rebuild? Many thanks
  18. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    I can help you out over the next few days if you're still looking.
  19. IbeakerI

    IbeakerI Terrarian

    Psn: IbeakerI feel free to add me!
  20. Spacebear

    Spacebear Terrarian

    Hey does anybody want to do a play through with me my psn: Pen5ilpu5her