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Loose Cannon


Throwing another idea out there.

The Loose Cannon
More a novelty weapon than anything else, but then again the cannon is too.
+ x20 + + x 50

Damage Varies
Use time: 30
Damage Type: Ranged
Uses Cannonballs, Dynamite, Bombs, and Grenades as ammo. Cannonballs take priority. Other three are based on which is first in the inventory. Fired Dynamite and Bombs will not damage the environment.

Alright. If this was just another generic weapon I wouldn't have bothered posting it, so here's what makes it special:
A) One can hold down the mouse to charge up a shot. Max charge is 3 seconds, once that's reached it fires automatically and the next shot starts loading.

B) Damage, Knockback, and Velocity are all calculated based on the time charged. Max damage is 100, min is 0 (in addition to the ammo.) Velocity: Max is 10, min is 3. KB: Max 15, Min 5.

C) Projectile Dropoff is also based on charge. A max charge shot will have no dropoff. I.E it can fly straight across the screen, while an uncharged shot will fall victim to gravity almost immediately.

D) Cannonballs only do 50 damage.

E) If you have any explosive powder in your inventory, firing a Cannonball will consume one and turn the projectile into a Flaming Cannonball. Flaming Cannonballs will set stuff on fire and have a much larger damage area than a normal cannonball. A max charged flaming cannonball will deal critical hits and pierce up to 4 enemies.

Ninja Edit:
F) Can scattershot up to 5 grenades at once.

I think that's it for now (I get the feeling that I missed something but I forgot what it was.) Feedback is, as always, appreciated.


I'd definetly use this. Will the xplosive powder affect grenades and bombs as well?
I'd have to say no to bombs/dynamite (since they already have a large explosion radius) but I wouldn't see too much issue with grenades,
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