tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

okay, thanks, wasn't sure as the config allows setting its cost. could selling it be added to the config (progression dependent of course) for those who want it?
I FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET THE MYSTERY BAG! You have to either damage or kill Moon Lord with a Copper Shortsword. I don't know how much damage you need to do but it might be a lot because I used a buffed shortsword from the Do It With A Copper Shortsword mod.
Can you put an external download, I can't install Mono on my laptop's OS, therefore, I must get .tmod files externally...
I've opened over 700 t1 bags I haven't even gotten the fart in the jar ive gotten everything else not the one thing I need.
Edit:I finally got one after opening another 600+
The mystery bag is pretty easy to get and is really op not gonna say what the bag does as well it's to op but the way you get it is hit the moon Lord's core with a copper short sword just in general 1damage or 100k damage in a single hit will give a single bag so best bet get autoswing and massive attack speed and go ham
One of my favorite mods! Are there plans to add a customizable config or mod support in the future?
There is already a config for drop chances and it adds nearly every useful item in them unless you are talking about adding modded items to it then I agree that would be nice
This mod has finally been updated to 1.4! Please view the main post for details on the update!
I just got pirate map from tier-2 (post-skeletron) bag. Is something wrong with loot tables, or one of my mods is messing it up?
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