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Loss of treasure bags, and something with the portal gun


Me and a friend were fighting eye of chutulu for the first time on a new caracter, when we won only one of us got a treasure bag, i dont know why this happened. And for the portal gun, when u hold the portal gun, and u fly while holding D or A, u can leg to of D or A and still be moving to one side, but if u hit the roof while u do thing, u can go trough a one block wide hole in the roof, this is may noy a bug, but i dont thimk its supposed to be in the game. Thanks

Nate McCloud

Maintaining horizontal speed when letting go of D or A is a feature of the portal gun, not a bug. On the other hand, passing through one-block holes in the ceiling is a bug that has been there for a while now. As for the treasure bag thing...I have no idea. I rarely get a chance to play multiplayer anymore.


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A friend of mine and myself fought 2 bosses today, and only one of us got a bag, instead of both of us.


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I believe treasure bags only spawn 1 per player who has done 30% or more damage to the boss. If your friend did a lot less damage than you, he may not have done enough to get a treasure bag.


I believe that one bag drops for every player who has done 30% or more of total damage to the boss.
Is this posted somewhere publicly? Because this isn't the first time I've heard this but it hasn't been my experience at all in 3+ full playthroughs with friends. In fact, whenever one of us on one edge of the world is about to kill a random boss everyone else uses a wormhole to get to that person "just in time" to collect loot for a chance at dev gear.

So either someone has posted bad information in a very public way, or our game from versions 1.3 - have been abnormally bugged in a beneficial way.


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As far as I am aware, @TiberiusTheWise is incorrect.

Every player which dealt damage to the boss period should get a boss bag. There may be unusual exceptions that I'm not aware of, such as only hitting a part of a boss (like if you only hit Skeletron Prime's laser, but not his head), but otherwise, all damage dealing participants of a battle should get a boss bag. Any instances of this not happening is either a bug, a lag related issue, or user error.
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