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Lost 80 hrs worth of game progress on Terraria (Steam)


Did nothing, came back to my game after a few months and all progress is gone, worlds and character. Any ideas or suggestions?


ok. I give you every thing so on oct 15 I took a little break and when I tried to get on and play my character and neither him or my world was there. it look like something wiped it
I look in my deleted stuff nothing was there so I can here to ask for help ( same computer and did uninstall because of storage upgrade but all other thing nothing happened
-hoped it helped
Well uninstalling ends up getting rid of everything so it didn’t save when uninstalling make sure to back up so yeah that’s why they are not there sorry


Terraria's saved data is located in 'my documents/my games' (the same is usually true for other Steam Games), if the PC is uninstalled, it might've wiped out the my games folder.

Unfortunately, I can't do anything to get deleted data back. These are things to consider back-upping first before doing major changes to your PC.
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