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Mobile Lost Octoberfest items...


Android, Samsung Galaxy S4

After updating to the Thanksgiving update, I noticed some of my Octoberfest items changed to the new Thanksgiving items.

For instance, I had the Octoberfest clothing equipped as vanity items, but after updating those items changed to the feather and consumable items. So I have the feather, cornucopia, and stuffing all in vanity slots.

Also, I had bought extra sets of the male and female clothes, as well as several of those beer boots. Those are all stored in a chest. And now I only have some of the clothing left and the rest changed to the new Thanksgiving items.

I can provide screenshots if you'd like.

Sir Noah

Same thing happened to me to if your in hard mode than that means you don't have to do a lot of grinding to get the boss summons. Also I am on kindle fire hd
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