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Here, I'll be uploading any custom texture packs I make for the public to use!
If you see one you like, Simply transfer the attached .zip below to Terraria's newly added "ResourcePacks" folder, and you can enable it ingame.

Hope y'all enjoy them!

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Have you ever wondered why in v1.4 there's the classic health/mana UI, but no classic map? The closest we have is the remixed one! %:sigh:


With this new texture pack, you can replace the Remix map with a remade version of the original one from v1.2-v1.3! (Hooray!)
If you're curious about the differences, I made these little preview images:

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When I saw the new map borders I immediately fixated on the Valkyrie setting. One thing bothered me, however...

Why isn't there a matching health/mana UI?!

I decided to get to work, and quickly through a pack together!
It looks a little something like this:

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As requested by Kiryu, this UI is a bit more unique than the last one! It changes the hearts and stars to leaves, and all the metal to branches!
Even if it doesn't have the best sprites right now, I'm sure people will enjoy using it! :dryadgrin:

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(Maybe at some point I'll make better ones for other map types, too, leave suggestions!)

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This is actually something I've been wanting to make for a long time, but never had the motivation to until now. This pack replaces all the normal cursors with a set of simplistic ones!

Yes, this burned me out a bit trying to figure out which cursor is for what... %:sigh:
Amazing! I love twhat this add so simple yet so beautiful
Well, after playing v1.4 for a bit I'd like to do some pixel art again. What would y'all like to see? Maybe I could try to remake my favorite pack for the v1.4 textures? (No NPC's tho, that's my worst nightmare lol)
I would enjoy seeing even more UI (Mini map border, health/mana border etc) stuffs. Maybe stick to some sort of theme, though I haven't any ideas on that XD. If I come up with a reallyu cool idea, I'll share it with ya, since it's gonna be a lost cause if I try to do it myself v.v'.
also sorry for any and all typos. My keyboard is farther back...kinda hard to reach rn
Well, now that v1.4.2 is out, I made sure to add all these texture packs to the Steam workshop! :dryadhappy: (Link is at the top of my first post in the thread, of course.)

Maybe I'll start making more packs soon since they'll be noticed easier with the new update? Who knows!
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Just finished another pack! This ones a much simpler one, but I mainly made it because I thought it would look neat! :dryadgrin:

I also added a section right under it where I can recommend my personal favorite packs people have made, which I hope will let people see some cool ones that they haven't seen before!
Another one's on the thread! Another pretty basic one, but this one did take a bit more effort, for sure.

Hopefully I'll come up with a more unique idea, soon. Maybe involving the ability to change localization files? :dryadsmile:
Well, guess who's finally logged back in after half a year (OH DEAR GOD IT'S BEEN THAT LONG) to post new packs? :dryadcool:
Finished up an older one and made a brand new one!

If you're wondering where I've been? Well, all over the place, really! If you want specifics, one major place was on
Metroid Construction. I made a Fusion improvement romhack that people actually really liked! I do have more planned for it, but that's a story for another time...
Not the most active on here anymore (as evident by it being, uh... more than another half a year since I've updated anything here, whoops), but I've added another pack, and greatly updated my Low-Profile ones. Take a look if you're interested, as always! :dryadhappy:
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