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Should I add an effect that causes a meteor to spawn?

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  1. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    It's finally here!
    You may ask "What is?"
    Well, I'll tell ya!
    IIIITS The lucky block mod!
    I noticed that one of the seemingly favorite mods of the minecraft community was easily implementable (and upgradable!) in tAPI, so I implemented and coded it!
    The only real differences between this mod and the minecraft one are the Terraria content and the fact that, rather than breaking the block, you get an item from the block that you use.
    A useable item that has a random effect, including summoning bosses, giving random items, and summoning random projectiles,
    Same thing as above, but it references the entire game ids,
    Gem blocks that have different effects when used, I.E. splitting the basic lucky block into different peices
    0.1.0: Release
    0.1.1: Updated to fix worldgen (they actually generate now), added a couple more random variables, for more randomness
    0.1.2: Fixed so that all developer armor peices and wings are removed
    0.1.3: Fixed bug
    0.1.4: Finally finished fixing the dev items bug (silly me!), fixed the duds (or the block doing nothing) bug Fixed multiple bugs
    0.2.0: Revamped entire lucky block system
    0.2.1: Fixed a couple of bugs with integers (thanks @Neojin for pointing those out)
    0.2.2: (not important) bugfix for those using a custom wavebank
    0.2.3: Added multiple different skin packs, recommended that you run only one at a time, however
    0.2.4: Updated for tAPI r16 (just ran it through the r16 packer)
    @berberborscing, for his awesome tutorials
    @Sin Costan, for inadvertently teaching me how to use Main.rand.Next in the way that I wanted to
    Red and the other creators of this awesome game
    PlayerInDistress, for creating the original Minecraft mod!
    @Neojin for helping with bugfixes
    To support me, copy and paste this into your signature
    Thanks for looking at this, and maybe giving it a shot!
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  2. Qw2

    Qw2 Official Terrarian

    It's the Lucky Block Mod from Minceraft!
    I didn't even know this was possible!
    I wonder if this will get the popularity the original got… :dryadwink:
  3. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    I loved that mod.
    anyways make it so one of the effects is deleting System32.
  4. MrFancyPants

    MrFancyPants Skeletron Prime

    But where do we get the blocks?
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  5. Tyson2244

    Tyson2244 Steampunker

    Hate to be that one guy but shouldn't you put the original mod creator PlayerInDistress in the credits? for making the mod a real thing. :p
  6. TobyJ

    TobyJ Terrarian

    There's no such thing as "that ONE GUY who encourages originality". Don't feel bad about it at all.
  7. Tyson2244

    Tyson2244 Steampunker

    I just felt a bit awkward pointing it out I like to make mods sometimes and it is kind of annoying to not be credited for something you make. :)
  8. obesedog

    obesedog Plantera

  9. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    This is not the lucky block mod, If u can't place 'em and I am pretty sure blocks won't spawn while u open it but rather u get items

    I would call this CS GO Case opening simulator xdddd
  10. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

  11. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    That's the thing that isn't that gr8 but i am not trying to say this mod is stupid, still IT IS a gr8 idea :)
  12. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

  13. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    Hate to break it to you, but this is the closest it gets in Terraria, as PostTile kill has something funky going on
  14. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    I certainly hope so...
  15. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    It's still a gr8 mod and idea and hopefully, since tApi is not having a "Final" version arleady we will get lucky blocks that we can place and break and blah blah blah awesome etc. :p
  16. Ses_Gaming

    Ses_Gaming Terrarian

    I've never tried the Lucky Block mod from Minecraft but, popularity wise, it seems like a great mod! I'll try it right away!
  17. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    Precisely what I was trying to say.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 2, 2015, Original Post Date: May 2, 2015 ---
    To be honest, like in minecraft the lucky block mod isn't a super big mod, it only adds in one item, the lucky block, which doesn't really affect gameplay, it's just kind of a "oh that's cool" or "oh cool a way to get end mode gear" or even "oh crap I spawned a dungeon guardian!"
  18. Ses_Gaming

    Ses_Gaming Terrarian

    Woah woah woah, this mod can spawn in a dungeon guardian? Great way to do the challenge and get the skeleton key after defeating skeleton... great mod!
  19. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    I love this mod, but I think it to op.

    also I see you can have thing from other mod like the paladin emblem from bluemagic mod (in a big stack) or summoning boss like the duke fishron or my Eye of apocalypse,

    It good, but it to op (I got red stuff from one)
  20. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    That's the way it's built, although going along with what you said, I'm probably gonna modify it so it does specific things in hardmode, and others in easymode, also, I'm not sure why, but the way I built it seems to support any item from any mod (this was unintentional), however, mobs will stay the same, only items will change (probably), but going back to what I said, I built it so it is completely random, not even I know what's gonna happen when I open one, there are no presets, anything, and because of that, it also seems to incorporate any mod that you have running EDIT: Updated mod so that dev items are no longer a drop
    --- Double Post Merged, May 3, 2015, Original Post Date: May 3, 2015 ---
    That would be hilarious, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible and illegal.

    The conversation would go like this:
    You: "Hello Microsoft?"
    Microsoft: "Yes?"
    You: "My System 32 got deleted"
    Microsoft: "How did you accomplish that?!?!"
    You: "I was using this mod called the lucky blocks mod, and one of the effects when I opened one deleted it"
    *Microsoft proceeds to sue my pants off*
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