Luiafk Mod; Cheap, Hacky? Or Fair Game?

Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by StickyQuote, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. StickyQuote

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    So, I'm curious, I'm running this mod and it grants some pretty awesome perks, like ultimate battler which gives unlimited spawns in the hundreds, mixing 30 of a potion into an unlimited kind, turning buff stations into a constant mobile buff, and plenty of other things. For running that and a bunch of other mods like Calamity and Thorium, is it cheap/cheaty/unfair to turn all these buffs into an item or is it fair game? OP? Or am I overthinking these types of things for single player? I want a slight challenge in going from fresh character and world to wherever these mods end, so I don't want to have things that make the core of the game TOO trivial.

    Also, as a side question, I run lots of mods that throw together different things, and I often get lost in how much there is. Between Calamity, Thorium, Spirit, Elemental Unleash and base game Terraria, anyone got an idea of a progression route within these 5? Just a little bonus question.
  2. BH5432

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    I saw that same mod and to me it seems cheaty to take a things thats suppose to be temporary and a consumable become something endless or infinite. What Id like to see is a mod that if anything extends the buff so they can last longer. Like most or all of a night / day so they last a whole boss battle or event. but still require the consumables/ stations to be used.
  3. StickyQuote

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    Yeah I kinda felt the same way. If I was any good at modding, I'd make a version of an everything potion that gives you all the boosts pretty much required for a boss battle, even the stations and things like honey and heart lamp, lasts for a full 15 minutes, and then gives your abilities a swift kick in the pants for a whole other 15 minutes.

    Basically you have the ease of all these buffs in one event or night or boss fight, but then better go build or find something low skill to do. Maybe have a lower time potion that doesn't do all those negatives but lasts for like 2-5 minutes or something. I basically want the buffs from Luiafk without them feeling as.... I dunno, cheaty.
  4. Skyburn

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    Install Magic Storage and Boss List, if you haven't already done so. Will help you progress through your mod pack in a much easier fashion.
  5. StickyQuote

    StickyQuote Spazmatism

    I have magic storage, but I wasn't sure how far Boss List supported, so I kinda glossed over it. No point in having a boss list that misses bosses from certain mods like Spirit or something, y'know? I'll give it a look now, though.
  6. Echoherb

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    You know on the surface it does seem a bit cheaty, but in practice it feels more like a major quality of life improvement if anything, especially for end game. The infinite items you have a choice whether to craft or not, the only exception being the health potions. The added building tools just make building things a lot less tedious, and any of the other features are toggleable features that you have a choice whether to use or not.