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PC Luminite (and possibly other) Brick Expansion

Terry N. Muse

Looking at the various bricks available, it seems as though some receive greater attention over others. For instance, Demonite and Crimtane Bricks can only be crafted into their respective walls and back, but Obsidian Bricks can also be crafted into platforms. Although Obsidian furniture is obtainable, it cannot be crafted. Dungeon Bricks experience a similar fate to Obsidian Bricks - except it cannot be crafted into Dungeon Brick Platforms, even though those very platforms are also obtainable in the Dungeon. Meanwhile, Lihzahrd and Meteorite Bricks can not only be crafted into platforms, but also a variety of furniture.

In particular, Luminite Brick can currently be crafted into Luminite Brick Walls... and that's it. While painted Martian Conduit Plating and its family do look visually similar and could possibly substitute it, the two are hardly the same material. I believe that Luminite Brick and perhaps the other brick types should receive a set of furniture, or at least more platforms and better access to existing furniture (i.e. craftable Obsidian/Dungeon furniture from the corresponding bricks).


Brain of Cthulhu
I like how Obsidian and Dungeon furniture can't be crafted. It makes them a bit different and more special.
That furniture excluded, normalising platform crafting and adding more furniture sets would be great.
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