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WIP Lunar-inspired mini-biomes!


Empress of Light
I guess an obligatory update on how this is coming along is in order.
I'm working on the mage section.
And it's kind of difficult to find many synonyms to use as adjectives.
So, yeah.
that'll probably be done tomorrow.


Official Terrarian
This is a really cool idea! I always thought there should be some kind of biome, or at least a furniture set, that is themed around the Pillars. We get all these hundreds of fragments from them, and pretty much all we can do with them in the endgame is either turn them into healing potions, or make some pretty cool dyes & blocks out of them. Though this doesn't necessarily add uses for the fragments, I love the idea of more endgame armor choices. 1.3's new endgame armor is awesome, don't get me wrong, (Nebula armor is pretty much the only armor I ever use now) I'd just like a bit of variety. :)

Anyways, again I think this is an awesome idea. Cool sprites too! :)


Overworld Entity
*Draw Weird Triangle, Copy, Paste Into New Layer, Turn, Paste Into New Layer, Turn Some More, Add Lime Green, Add Shading, Save As "ARGLEBARGLE", Upload To Imgur, Post Link, Make Stupid And Unnecessary Chain Of Events*


Empress of Light
I've got every single idea on here.
I just need sprites now.

Feedback is most certainly appreciated at this point.
These r quite amazing my only gripe is that cookroach accessory despite being a end game item it can bee viewed as either a obsidian skull with 1 more defense or a obsidian shield without the knockback immunity and since the obsidian shield can bee obtained pre hardmode it doesn't make sense for a pre hard mode item to bee more powerful than a end game item sorry to go on a rant like this butt maybe u can either come up with a better effect or combine it with something stronger like since this is a melee focused biome maybe combine it with the fire fist( just a idea)

P.S. sorry about the wall of text
U know I just realized u called these mini biomes that combined with ChrisMorray's idea of these being player spawned gave me a idea take the monoliths combine with some luminite and their respective fragments to upgrade into a lunar obelisks( not sure if that's how it's spelled also the name can bee changed I was just thinking something similar to a monolith) and these will generate their mini biome while active
After my little rant about the cookroach item I ended up in the underworld for a extended amount of time and came to the realization that the obsidion skull and all its upgrades including the almighty ankh shield only stop the debuff from being inflicted by meteorite and hellstone all other sources such as lava and even enemies can still inflict it so right there is how u make it worthy of being a end game item make it absolutely protect from on fire and maybe another 2 or 3 defence

P.S. sorry about the earlier rant I didn't fully understand what I was saying
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