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Lunatic Cultist Rework

Which of the Cultist's New phases is your favorite?

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the reason I hate him is because I have seen the hatred of the cultists in so many youtubers. i got the feeling he would be a pretty bad boss, but maybe the fight would be fun, idk. i only started playing PC terraria around december. i started to play terraria on the 3ds, from december 25, 2019. the cultist isnt in the 3ds version.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I actually enjoy the Cultist. He’s pretty easy, but his attack patterns are predictable and varied and it’s a lot of fun to actually fight him. As long as you aren’t incredibly inept and keep hitting the fake cultists during the ritual attack, the fight should be easy and pretty fun.

I do think he and Golem need some pretty big buffs, but that’s a separate issue.
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