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Sprites Magic Pebble: Pre-Hardmode Summoner Accessory



This is the sprite for an Item that I have proposed called the "Magic Pebble"

It's a really simple accesory, with nothing fancy up it's sleeves - all it does is increase your minion slot by 1.
The reason it has such a simple effect is that the summoner class lacks an early game summoner accesory, and would benefit from something like this.

A player has 1 in 400 chance of randomly mining it up when mining naturally generated stone blocks.

It can be used in the vanity slots, and when done so will show a small glowing stone on a belt around the player

Thank you for reading my proposal :p
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Simple, brilliant, why not? :D

Though I'd say to have it as a Wooden Chest item or to add it as a Water Chest item?

Or just have it be a rare shiny block that is kinda like naturally spawned Demonite/Crimtane ore.


it's so simple and yet so great.

and, it dropping randomly from mining stone would solve issues with player having troubles finding it in chests, when no chest nearby has it.

the only drawback it seems to have is, that you're usually mining tons of stone later while exploring the caves, and this, being an an accessory wouldn't stack so................. you would end up with them cluttering your inventory...
so, maybe that issue should be solved?

Random idea, how about you can stumble upon these magical pebbles' "dormant" form when mining. which looks like this, but pale and stuff. they are material and items, can't be equipped, but they stack. you can craft a magic pebble from
dormant magic pebble + mana star/fallen stars. or something. which is the equipment you described.


1/400 is wayyyyyyy too common, these would be the new Yelets. Make it found on cave walls like the Gelatin Crystal instead.

Thanks for the feedback - maybe it could drop from when breaking those naturally generating rocky structures underground - similar to like an underground Nature's Gift.
rockything terraria.png

---------------------------------------[------------------These rocky ones------------------- ]---------------------------------------------------


Just adding another minion slot seems kinda op, i think it would just turn into a better pygmy necklace because you pay nothing for it. Although to be fair, there isn't exactly an abundance of aspects about summons that it could buff
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