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  1. Dan Yami

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    good job everyone who participated in this! ^-^
    Gonna include this in ALL of my playthroughs!

    Time to grind materials, blow a giant hole in the world and fill it with storage units... hehehehhehe
  2. Mars

    Mars Terrarian

    Would you be at all interested in finding a way to connect the Storage Heart to Storage units with wire as a second option instead of through placing storage units between them.
    Perhaps even having them craft a new kind of wire with like 10 wire and a storage component, that can be placed with any wrench or something.
    Maybe even have a way for the storage heart to connect to already placed in the world chests. I already organize all my chests, but being able to access all of them at once might make my life a lot easier, but I also like being able to go to a chest where I know that only swords are kept there, or vegetation, or flying accessories, etc.

    Also, can you open the storage heart next to a crafting station and will you be able to craft with the materials inside? like a normal chest?

    Maybe you could incorporate other ways to sort the storage heart, by item type, or stack size?

    Love this idea!
  3. DarkvoidTV

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    Wowow sweet! ;) love this mod!
  4. NuovaPrime

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    Looks amazing as usual, im curious how the crafting system is going to work, im guessing that you combine the storage components with the respective crafting stations and plug it in, then being able to use that functionality with the Storage Heart?
  5. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    What about another button to deposit all to Magic Storage? That way quick stack stacks only to chests that I have sorted specifically for particular items, and the other dumps the rest into magic storage.

    EDIT:: I second the idea behind using a wire for connections, but maybe rather than a new wire use a new 'box' that allows wires to be used in place of other boxes for connections, and maybe lock it behind hallowed bars.
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  6. ScottyNitro17

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    I can't appear to keep this mod in with my loaded mods, Either it's a bug on my part or there is a mod conflict, My issue is: At first everything is fine (On a new/old world or character) and then after some playtime my PC will drop from a locked 60 to 2-10 and then it will clear up but will do the same thing again but this time it stays at 6FPS and won't stop until I manage to save & Quit of ALT-F4, I'm excited to use this but with this issue I have to avoid it :(

    So I disabled some mods:

    Now everything is perfectly stable.
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  7. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    The Locator Drive is a recolor of the Locator, using colors from Luminite Bricks and Martian Conduit Platings :dryadtongue:

    Sure, feel free to.

    I've been thinking about making a 1x1 storage connector block to help connect everything. I don't want to use anything wire-related though, since that would be pretty overpowered.

    Storage networks will never connect to normal chests, just because of how terribly programmed they are and it would be a pain to work (it would also bring a ton of issues in multiplayer, since only one player can access a normal chest at a time while everyone can access the storage network at once).

    It's already possible to sort by item type (default sorting for the kind of item, ID for the ID). I have sorting by quantity implemented, but it's kind of bugged, so there isn't currently any button for it.

    You will be able to place crafting station items into the Crafting Interface, then all available recipes will be available in the Crafting Interface. Then you'll be able to click on a recipe and specify how many you want to craft.
  8. ScottyNitro17

    ScottyNitro17 Terrarian

    No idea if I'm alone here but with some of the big mods out there: Calamity, Tremor, SacredTools, ect, That I have active while this mod is installed is taking quite the drain on my system which is a suprise (GTX 1070 overclock, Intel I7, ect) While playing with just Magic storage (And cheatSheet to get some things) I'll get bad frames where I'm sent to 40 or lower (Going to my inv then closing it will take me back to 60 but will go back to 40 or lower once closed again, sometimes also stopping the lag spike) I'm not sure what is happening but with a high end PC and not having a 60FPS lock constantly is strange for just 1 mod to be effecting.

    Thought I'd just inform that something doesn't feel right, If I open the storage to see what's in it and then close it shortly after I'm done it will sometimes cause a lag spike and a quick open and close of my inv sometimes sorts it out.

    Apart from that, I'm in love with this mod and will be in my modlist even with this lag spike issue, It's early days, Stuff like this is bound to happen.
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  9. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    I've got a 1080 and a 6850k at 4GHz. I am also seeing FPS dips, though I don't know quite why.
  10. CasperDaGhost

    CasperDaGhost Steampunker

    ok bluemagic the problem with the muiltiplayer is that when you place the magic storage stuff down in singleplayer it doesnt work and does the cosmetic glitch thing so we fixed it now but thats something you might want to work on! Cheers
  11. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    I think I've found the cause of the FPS drops, so I'm going to try a fix in the next update.

    It turns out tModLoader v0.9.2.1 has some bugs; have you tried this on v0.9.2.2?
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  12. Mars

    Mars Terrarian

    I noticed that whenever you place an item in the trashcan, while you have the storage heart open, it gets placed in the storage heart instead.

    I also noticed then when you place the storage heart on top of a storage component or something, then delete the bottom one, the storage heart will stay in the air. Dunno if that is intended. It seems to be, since I can place them in midair.
  13. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    Storage boxes and such appear to function mostly like wooden pillars, though the basic tier and wooden box can still be stood on like a platform. Function dies with any upgrades in the storage boxes.
  14. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    The trashcan thing is a dirty hack to allow shift-clicking into the storage system. I've been thinking about using some dirty reflection code to make it more accurate.

    And it is intentional for storage blocks to float in the air; I didn't want to place any inconvenient restrictions on placement :dryadhappy:

    That's actually a bug with the vanilla collision code :dryadsad:
  15. MagicalPubes

    MagicalPubes Terrarian

    This is amazing, fixes so many issues and makes whole game way way more enjoyable buuut really hope the crafting UI will come soon >.<
    Also, a sorting by type would come in handy too. Like weapon, accesorry, armor etc
  16. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    I know you're fully aware of this bug and that you may know how to fix it, but I thought I should mention that having my inventory open seems to improve the frame rate. Just a for way me to fix it until a bug fix comes out
  17. Venus

    Venus Terrarian

    When do you think the fix will release? I am really looking forward to use your mod, but I am afraid of the lag it might cause.
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  18. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    Sorting by type of item is already possible with the default sorting.

    That pretty much confirms my suspicions; I'm reasonably confident the next update will fix it now.

    I'm hoping within a day. Whenever I can find the time between working on this school project to sprite an item I've been working on.
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  19. Venus

    Venus Terrarian

    Nice, that would be great! Good luck with your project!
  20. Flamadragon

    Flamadragon Terrarian

    I really like your mod but I'm having some problems. It worked perfectly the first time I played with it. Later I accidentally started my world without the mod, reloaded the mod, and got back on the world. Now my storage heart and remote storage access don't work and neither do my storage units. Whenever I right click them, it just stops all my movement. Then I broke the storage heart and remote storage access and placed them back. I was able to get into them but none of my items are showing up. I think your mod has some bugs :p