tModLoader Magic Storage

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by blushiemagic, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. HallowKingJerrold

    HallowKingJerrold Terrarian

    Does this mix with things like Tremor, Spirit, and Calamity?
  2. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    I have seen it work with every single mod I have installed that adds an Item. from what I can tell, all it does is log what items are inside of it, and how many of said items, stacking identical things together.

    Note: I have not actually seen the code, but that is what It feels like is happening.

    2 armors. 2 accessories with the same modifier.
  3. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    I don't think there are any direct incompatibilities.
  4. Baranorn

    Baranorn Skeletron Prime

    Does this work for multiplayer?
  5. gagadoliano

    gagadoliano Spazmatism

    When you have an item in trash slot and open a storage heart the item will auto-go to the heart
  6. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    He mentioned already that it was a dirty method to allow shift clicking items into it. He may eventually find a better solution for that.
  7. gagadoliano

    gagadoliano Spazmatism

    Can I use multiples remotes with the same heart??
  8. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    That sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll see if I can work that in later.

    Yes. It's been tested comprehensively in multiplayer, and I actually made this for my own multiplayer playthroughs :dryadhappy:


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  9. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    Is it just me or does the shift-clicking not even function (inv --> storage)
  10. Trevor314

    Trevor314 Terrarian

    This mod is so useful and awesome. I have a question though. What exactly would happen to all my items if this mod were to crash?
  11. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    I'm pretty sure all your items would be gone. Same with joining the world without the mod enabled which is why I suggested a warning that appears when you try to join a world with unloaded items.
  12. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Your items should be safe if you unload.
  13. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    So far it's just you and one other person. I'm not really sure what's causing it, since I haven't been able to duplicate it.

    The same thing as what would happen to all your chest items if this mod crashes.

    That bug was actually fixed with the most recent tModLoader update, v0.9.2.3.
  14. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    then i have been worrying over nothing. I still think the warning should be added unless if town npcs disappearing has also been fixed.
  15. CoronaKing

    CoronaKing Steampunker

    I think the shift clicking not working may be due to having auto trash turned off. It doesn't work for me, either, I assumed that was the cause
  16. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    Yeah, that's possible. That really needs a better option though. :p
  17. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    It could also potentially be related to auto-pause
  18. MrCatUa

    MrCatUa Terrarian

    biggest - in this mod-there no filters(hard to find items if you have 1000+item and you forget how is this named) (like in cheat sheet)
  19. OgsUgpSith

    OgsUgpSith Official Terrarian

    Neat, now we just need some automation and we can get a genuine MC FTB mod pack in Terraria.
  20. Sam1370

    Sam1370 Terrarian

    Great, love it :D
    I found it randomly in the middle of the night and was like, ":O, a ME system for Terraria!"
    And I downloaded it and got my friend to come and play with it too. We made a giant hole in the ground and filled it with storage things :D and then used that remote access with the Locator and put it in our house.
    75/5 stars if I could rate it, although I do have one question: Is the item count (stuff like "846/2100 items") stacks of items? It's kind of confusing but I think it's in stacks (e.g. if you have 480 greater healing potions it counts as 16 "items" because potions stack up to 30?