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PC Mailbox, a new mechanism/furniture to send gifts to friends!

should this be added for the 'Friends' button and 1.3.6?

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Official Terrarian
so I talked about the 'Friends' button already and I said that I will make a new furniture called the mailbox to go with it.
so lets talk about the mailbox:

Type MechanismFurniture

Dimensions 2 wide × 2 high
Use time 14 Very Fast
now what it does:
- the little red thing on the mailbox will stick up if a friend has sent you a gift.
- in order to give gifts, go to the mailbox, click it, and there you get a button that says 'Gift', click the 'Gift' button then you get a list of friends to give. there will be a button that says 'Give Gift' under the friend's username and it opens your inventory and shows all of your items to give. on the other side of your inventory, there is a tag that says 'Mailbox' which allows you to put the gifts in but only when the other player has a mailbox. the max squares is 9x3s: 9xS is 9x squares long and 3x squares tall.
now how it is crafted:
3 gems (any)
1 announcement box
3 wood blocks (any)
and 7 iron/lead bars.
depending on the wood and gems, the stick will turn differently depending on the wood type and the red little thing depends on the gem type. for example:
Rich Mahogany Mailbox
made from rich mahogany and topaz,
made from rich mahogany and diamond
the first mailbox was made by 3 rubies, 1 announcement box, 3 wood blocks and 7 iron/lead bars.
it goes on like this with different wood and different gems.
thank you for seeing this!
the poll closes after 2 months so vote while you still can!
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