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Make an item OP game.


After the ornaments break their shards stay on the ground and deal damage to enemies that step on them.



Works like a Piranha Gun. Upon hitting an enemy once, it will unleash a bubble explosion and it will target another nearby enemy on a big range (regardless of line of sight, goes through walls), dealing increased damage and increased crit chance. This scales the more targets you hit, up to 5 times on a row. If there are no other enemies nearby, it will bounce off the first target 5 times, with the same mechanic.

Shadowbeam Staff

Agent Sandstorm Σ

It shoots like a gatling gun, and has perfect accuracy. Has a 75% chance to not fire bullets, a 65% chance to deal 3x damage, and penetrates targets.



Hitting an enemy twice will inflict tin poisoning on the target, quickly decreasing it's health.

Venus Magnum
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