Make as many Pokémon puns as possible!

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Oh, won't you BEedrill mine?
I mean Wynaut?
I don't SEAking why not.
Your like a MAGNETon and I'm STEELix.

That, is how to pick up torCHICKS.


Sounds like a lotta

Erienna Nakagai

Empress of Light
I don't want to make your puns look like a pile of Trubbish, but
When you get those Lopunny juices flowing,
You just can't stop, you know what I mean, Slowbro?
It's like Magikarp, and I'm the Slowking.
Stop playing those Zekrom hacks,
They aren't good for you, you'll be reduced to a pile of Muk.
Give Nintendo some Luvdisc, know what I'm saying?
Alright, that's it, I'll leave some room for all of you Slowpokes
And just Gogoat away right now.
I'm like a Golem in a race with these puns.
But steelix, onixpected thread. This is lickilicki my thread, but more restricted to pikapuns.
I'll give this a Chansey, tHo-oh. Let's Seel what you've got(ta catch 'em all). I'll wait a few houndours, okay? I'll Raichu a post later.
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