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the thing i never really understood about the point of a "best weapon" is that there shouldnt be one. and if there was, it should be a culmination of all 4 classes. by making ONLY a best superweapon for A SINGLE CLASS your kinda making it unfair for everyone else. and the rest dont even have to be called zenith weapons. go crazy, have some originality. just make them rival the zeniths power in whatever class their for.

since theres already a melee zenith weapon (cough cough the zenith) there should be one for ranger, summoner, and mage. for example: for summoner, maybe you put some endgame whips (cough cough SOME OF THE NEW ONES BEING ADDED) into the crafting recipe, along with things like centuries and obviously summons. since some weapons have a left AND right click attack, maybe left could be regular summoning and right could be whipping. or, there could just be 2 seperate summoner "zenith" weapons

in short, i think theres allot of potential here, and ONLY giving an insanely powerful post-endgame weapon to a single class is kinda wasted potential (no offense red i love you)
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Zenith works universally. It doesnt matter if you are a warrior ranger mage summoner bard thrower healer rogue, Zenith destroys everything anyways.

Just because melee gets a weapon that destroys everything slightly quicker than other classes' weapons in endgame doesnt mean you have to create more Zeniths, it wouldnt work anyway
The other thing about zenith is that melee already has a theme of combining multiple swords together to make an "ultimate sword" (night's edge, terra blade), so the zenith is a logical conclusion of this. None of the other classes do anything similar, so it would make less sense to have zenith variants for the other classes. And besides, it's not like the lack of a zenith makes the other classes entirely unviable in endgame.
the thing is, to make the zenith you have to find + collect melee weapons, which you're not doing if you're playing ranger or mage or summoner unless you plan on making it from the start. for most classes it would require collecting weapons they likely won't use instead of the natural progression for the class which is the actual reason most folk ask for zeniths for other classes. i dont use melee after like, mid pre hardmode.
I mean making more ultimate weapons isn't a problem, problem is that the zenith is dull ideal design, you give it a classless dmg and it wouldn't change a thing
We could argue whether it feels melee or not etc but the point is that just by existing it throws every other weapon to the trash
It is the perfect weapon that cover like 1/3 of the screen and deals unhealthy amounts of dps
what if the other weapons were on zenith's power level, but had different theming and crafting method? that would help them still be special. and it doesn't matter if it's unbalanced because it's post-moon lord and there's nothing new to kill anymore
Zenith is not a meaningful addition to the game in the first place, since:
Zenith IS a meaningful addition to the game. Moon Lord melee weapons are not in the competition of other classes' endgame weapons, you realize that right? Zenith was the only solution to this.

Also, Zenith is a perfect weapon concept. It is your journey forged into the ultimate sword. It also fits to the update its introduced in, "Journey's End".
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