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Bear Police

Malum Mod is a content mod circled around the theme of the Void, and Darkness. Adding some Dark and Sinful acts to your world.
Currently we are in the planning phase and need some help with sprites and/or coding. (Both can be handled by our current team just will be faster with more)
I haven't owned a proper mod in the good half of 2 years since the dumpster fire that was my last mod existed, but I have been convinced to toss my hat into the ring once again by some friends of mine.
This mod will not take inspiration from ScienceMod or any previous works I have done, it is an independent project.
This mod will follow a Tiering system for the items added (Early game is Tier 1 etc.). Planning currently reaches late pre-hardmode but we will plan further ahead once we get more time.
Progression systems will also be added, circling to upgrade certain aspects until you reach a benevolent evil...
If any of this interests you please join our discord below and if you'd like to give some effort towards it that will be greatly appreciated. We're looking for Spriters and Coders to help us on the journey and that will stick along as we develop this project further :)

It's unfinished, but here's a new random weapon for fun and to confirm this mod isn't dead

new ore that generates

small spoiler for the first tier (by small i mean this isnt really what its abou)
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