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Map Ideas


my first map isnt finished yet, so I can only recommend that one if you wanna test an unfinished one ;) (if you do tho I d appreciate feedback)

after that one I m tossing around 2 ideas for adventure maps in my head, one about mages and magic and something like a mages guild and the other something about elves and forests and bows but I ll finish my current one before I really decide on what to do next.

with wiring I m currently thinking about how to do a basic npc dialog progression and a gear progression based on player choice


Thankyou for the suggestion i look forward to playing:dryadgrin: If you need any ideas for gears i suggest looking at some of the forms around here. If finish the first map you can post it on the terraria workshop and give me the name so i can play
:joy: But thanks anyway
Ps:I think the mages and magic is a good idea
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