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PS4 Map resetting

Console Bug Priority
Hello, I am enjoying 1.4 so far. Recently however, I made a new world to start playing on and every now and then my map resets. Sometimes it’s after I leave the world and join back the map has reset, and other times, I can leave and join back a couple times and my map won’t reset, but after a while it does still reset. All that is showing on the map is npcs, pylons, and the small area around my base. Also right when I join a world and it is loading everything it says “clearing map data”, don’t know if that’s the same for everybody. And my really, really old world has a screwed up map, I’ll send an image below. This happened out of knowhere, I might have accidentally deleted something in the files, but I don’t think so. This is really starting to annoy me, especially on my old world where I had a lot explored. It’s not like this on all my worlds, but obviously the 2 that are most important to me atm are having this issue.


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DR Studios
Hi Creeperkeeper,
I'm sorry you're losing map data, i understand the frustration, we are trying to look into this but are having trouble replicating it. Can you confirm for me that the same player is losing their map data for this world?
One thing to note that each player has their own map for each world, where in 1.3 there was a single map per world for all players. Do you think this is what you're experiencing?
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