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  1. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Here is a trainer I created for Terraria (current version for Windows. I created it using Cheat Engine 6.6.

    This trainer wouldn't be possible without Rydian's amazing tutorials: Rydian's Youtube Tutorial Series, Rydian's Custom Trainer Guide, Rydian's Terraria Trainer.

    I expanded on Rydian's information to create a trainer with a lot of features. I didn't spend too much time on the design or making it look pretty, though. :p

    Screenshot: Terraria Trainer Screenshot.png

    Download at bottom of page!

    How to Use:


    1. Launch Terraria
    2. Run Trainer
    3. Enter into a world
    4. Click buttons to make code run or press hotkeys (read next section to understand details)


    • The hacks will only work if Terraria is running and you are on a character in a world.
    • Some of the hacks may take up to a minute to run.
    • While a hack is running, the whole Trainer will freeze.
    • There is voice feedback for each hack. It will first say "[hack] activating" and then "activated" when the hack is finished activating.
    • Every hack has a hotkey.
    • All hacks can be activated at the same time without conflict.
    • Get Player Base must be activated before the hacks below it can be activated.
    • Wait a few seconds after activating Get Player Base before using the hacks below it.
    • When switching characters, some hacks may need to be deactivated and reactivated.
    No Damage - (Hotkey: Shift + 1): This hack takes the longest to execute since it has to patch quite a few different pieces of code. This hack prevents damage from being subtracted from the player's health. This is the simplest method of invincibility. Self-damaging items can still kill the player. (Rod of Discord)

    No Death - (Shift + 2): This is the second longest hack to activate. This hack prevents the player from dying upon reaching 0 or less health. I added this method of invincibility so you can still have the challenge of trying not to reach 0 health, but you don't have to worry about dying. It's also fun to rock -2,000 health. :cool: (using an item that drains health while at 0 or below health may kill you. Ex. Rod of Discord)

    No Mana Loss - (Shift + 3): Prevents mana from draining upon using items or magical weapons.

    Player Damage x100 - (Shift + 4): Makes player deal 100x more damage.

    Right Click Item 9999 - (Shift + 5): When you right-click a stackable item in your inventory, its stack count will change to 9999.

    Favorite Item 9999 - (Shift + 6): Favoriting any item in your inventory will make it stackable and set its stack-count to 9999. You can favorite an item by holding Alt and clicking an item in your inventory.

    Max Minions 50 - (Shift + 7): Sets your maximum number of minions to 50.

    Day Cycle: (doesn't work in Multiplayer)

    Freeze Day Cycle - (Control + 1): Freezes in-game time and day cycle.

    Normal Day Cycle - (Control + 2): Resumes in-game time and day cycle at normal speed.

    2x Day Cycle - (Control + 3): Double speed in-game time and day cycle.

    10x Day Cycle - (Control + 4): 10x speed.

    255x Day Cycle - (Control + 5): 255x speed.
    Get Player Base - (Shift + 8): Activate this to acquire the player base address. This allows the hacks below it to work. Leave this checked to continue acquiring the address in case it changes or you change characters.

    Freeze Life - (Alt + 1): (Requires player base) Freezes health at its current value. It continuously updates the health value to be the value it was when this was checked. This does not provide perfect invincibility. If you take damage from a single hit that is greater or equal to your remaining health you will die. Ex. falling damage tends to kill.

    Freeze Mana - (Alt + 2): (Requires player base) Freezes mana.

    Freeze Rockets - (Alt + 3): (Requires player base) Freezes rocket timer for unlimited rockets. Using Freeze Wings at the same time may cause slower flight.

    Freeze Wings - (Alt + 4): (Requires player base) Freezes wing timer for unlimited wings. Using Freeze Rockets at the same time may cause slower flight.

    Textboxes, buttons, and other stuff:

    Read Button Under Position Boxes - Reads the player's X and Y coordinates and writes them into the respective textbox.

    Enter Button Under Position Boxes - Changes the player's X and Y coordinates to be those in the textboxes.

    Read Button Under Item Boxes - Reads the ID and prefix of the first item in the player's quick-access bar and enters the data into the respective boxes. The item affected is the leftmost item on your toolbar. (the one you can equip by pressing 1)

    Enter Button Under Item Boxes - Uses the numbers in the ID and prefix boxes to change the item in the first (leftmost) toolbar slot. There must be an item in the first toolbar slot for this to work. The item will be permanently changed to the new one. You will need to logout and log back into a world in order for the new item to function correctly. BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS. Entering invalid or incorrect data can cause a multitude of problems and potentially permanently corrupt a player's inventory. Though most likely any error can be fixed by reentering a correct value. Prefix ID should be set to zero if no prefix is wanted.

    The numbers used in the boxes are the
    Item ID's and Prefix ID's found on the Terraria Wiki.

    Teleport - (Shift + Q) This checkbox activates the teleportation feature hotkeys. While checked, the player can press the WASD keys in combination with Shift, Control, or Alt to teleport the character in the different directions. Press Shift + Q again or uncheck the textbox to disable teleportation.

    W - up, A - left, S - down, D - right
    Shift - normal speed, Control - slow speed (precision), Alt - fast speed

    Ex. Press Shift + D to teleport a medium distance to the right.
    About - Pops up a message about the trainer.

    Hotkeys - Pops up a list of the hotkeys.
    Other Info:
    • This is the first trainer I have created, so it probably has some bugs. If you find any, it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know in a reply. Thanks ;)
    • Also, this trainer is often seen as a virus by Windows or other anti-virus programs. It's probably because it's an EXE from an unknown publisher and it has to do with changing memory addresses. I can assure you it's not a virus, but if you want to check for yourself the cheat table and source code is available. You will need to have Cheat Engine installed to run it. Inside you'll find everything I used for the trainer. :)

    Download is linked in the comments :)
    Cheat table and Lua source code

    Hope you all enjoy! :D
    Have fun hacking Terraria! :)

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  2. Issiliel'

    Issiliel' Terrarian

    Sorry, but trainer is not working for me.
    Version installing lModLoader v.0.10.1 was
    P.S. Sorry for my English `:sigh:
  3. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hi Issiliel,

    Thanks for letting me know! My trainer is built to run alongside the base Terraria game. I'm not too familiar with tModLoader, but I'm pretty sure it changes the Terraria game files, so my trainer will not work with tModLoader. If you run just the base game, Terraria.exe, that hasn't been modified by other programs, then my trainer should work.

    Hopefully this fixes the problem! Let me know if it still doesn't work :)
  4. zeta440

    zeta440 Terrarian

    dude it says
    Sorry, this file is infected with a virus

    Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.
  5. Cybermario

    Cybermario Terrarian

    yeah i get the same
  6. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hey guys! Sorry you're having problems. I'll upload the file here, let me know if that works :)

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  7. rianenricosandiego

    rianenricosandiego Terrarian

    can you make a ONLY teleport version of the trainer?

  8. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hi Shigeru,

    I'm glad you like the trainer! I have attached a teleport-only version of the trainer here. Hopefully it works, but there have been some cases even with the original where the teleportation isn't working.

    Steps to have it work correctly: (these also apply to the original trainer)
    1. Have Terraria running and be loaded into a map.
    2. Run the CT table with the lua script, or run the EXE.
    3. Check Get Player Base, and then run around in game until it says it is activated.
    4. Check Teleport, or press Shift + Q.
    5. Then use the teleport keys as stated above! (WASD with Shift/Ctrl/Alt)

    Make sure to un-check Get Player Base before you close the program! If you forget to, you will have to quit and restart the game before another trainer will attach!

    Hope this is what you wanted! Enjoy! :) (btw: The original .CT file has all the source code if you want to see how everything works and modify it yourself)

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  9. Darkknight71

    Darkknight71 Terrarian

    Hey there! I saw the trainer and I was so excited to try it out in my game, but I found out that your trainer does not support tModLoader. Is there any way to fix this, is it even possible (any alternatives)? I have so much data, I'm afraid if I remove the mods, it may affect my progress... D: If not, it's okay! Thanks! I was just wondering if it was possible. Have a great day, Matryxx! :D Thanks again for the trainer, it looks fun to use, I just wish I was able to use it. xD

    I have Cheat Engine 6.4 currently
    I have Extensible Inventory, Cheat Sheet, and Auto-trash enabled as my Mods

    I'm not sure if this info. helps, but that's what I have as of now

    Thanks so much! :) :joy:
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  10. rianenricosandiego

    rianenricosandiego Terrarian

    thx for the trainer and thx for this teleport only version and im kinda getting excited for this thx

    P.S i made my own trainer using ur CT :D
  11. XenoZ

    XenoZ Terrarian

    --- Double Post Merged, May 29, 2019, Original Post Date: May 29, 2019 ---
    I never saw worse trainer than this. Some trainers simply dont work, but THIS. THIS is destroyed my game, my hel fire... :,(
  12. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @XenoZ, please calm down. Such hostility and telling others to die won't be tolerated on these forums - no matter what happened to your game. If you choose to post again in the future, please keep this in mind. You can read more of what we expect from members in our Important - Terrarian Community Rules & Culture - PLEASE READ

    I'm happy to discuss this with you or answer any questions you have. You can send me a private message HERE.
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  13. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hi Darkknight71,

    Thanks for your interest in my trainer!:) Sadly, it does not work with tModLoader. Because tModLoader changes the game files, my trainer won't be able to find the code that it needs to change. My trainer only works with vanilla Terraria.

    --- Double Post Merged, May 30, 2019, Original Post Date: May 30, 2019 ---
    I'm glad I could help, and I'm glad that you like it! Enjoy! ;)
  14. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hi XenoZ,

    I can only assume that this happened because you used the Enter Item button. In my original post, I stated:
    "Enter Button Under Item Boxes - Uses the numbers in the ID and prefix boxes to change the item in the first (leftmost) toolbar slot. ... The item will be permanently changed to the new one. ... BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS. Entering invalid or incorrect data can cause a multitude of problems and potentially permanently corrupt a player's inventory. Though most likely any error can be fixed by reentering a correct value."

    Here is how you can get your Hel-Fire back:
    1. Start the game and load into a world with your character.
    2. Run the trainer EXE and click the Get Player Base checkbox.
    3. Run around in the world until it says "activated".
    4. Place a junk item as the first (leftmost) item in your toolbar slot.
    5. Enter 3290 for the Item ID, and 0 for the Item Prefix.
    6. Click the Enter button.
    7. Check to make sure the item looks like the Hel-Fire, then quit and re-enter a world, and you should have your Hel-Fire back!

    I hope this helps! :)
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  15. XenoZ

    XenoZ Terrarian

  16. XenoZ

    XenoZ Terrarian

    Hey, we are not finished yet! Always when I fight with twins, meanwhile terraria crashes! Before that Ive defeated skeletron, robot worm, eyes of cthulhu and walls of flesh.
  17. jonhasdex

    jonhasdex Terrarian

  18. Matryxx

    Matryxx Terrarian

    Hi XenoZ,

    Thanks for letting me know about the bug! I tested it out and it crashes for me as well. I found out that it crashes when you are inflicted with the "Cursed Inferno" debuff and have "No Death" activated. I may try to fix it at some point, but I will need to relearn how I did it in the first place because it has been almost 2 years!

    For now, when you fight the Twins make sure to have "No Death" disabled, but you can still have "No Damage" enabled.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for pointing it out! :)