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Xbox 360 Max Damage Output Build's


Hiho Community,

im testing which Armor Builds work best and having the highest Damage Output.
Im working with the actual Xbox360 Version with the Frostmoon Update.

So in my opinion there is for a Melee Build a Mixarmor the only way to gain the highest possible
Damage Output, I dont know any Armorset with Bonus that can break those stats.

Im talking about a Armor build with Dragon Mask, Turtle Scale Mail and Hallowed Greaves with Overall Statboost +30% Damage, +18% Crit, +15%Melee Speed, +8% Movement and also 64 Def. The only thing we have to take, there is no Setbonus.

For an Ranger its quite simple, the Shroomite Set with emblems and scope accesoires.

Mage Builds are wearing Spectre or Spectral Armor, maybe a Mixset with Titanium Headgear?

Summoner have to switch Armor and accessoiries during summoning to get the most powerfull and max number of minions, also the summoning weapons should have the ruthless prefix to get max damage. But I noticed sometimes it could be possible to get a reforge prefix which seems to be bugged and make weapons more powerfull, like intense with 20+% Damage extra, these prefixes are also written in the highest tier colours and not as normal.

Regards from Germany


Get skoomite amor with the "rocket helmet" and the rocket laucher dropped from ice queen during the frostmoon event with rockets 4 bought during solar eclipse .

Matthew Devenish

Any opinion on the best melee build with accessories for event fights?
Dragon Helmet with Beetle Scale Mail and Leggings. Although this is using armour from 2 different sets, this works. You can also use a Fire Gauntlet as a useful accessory, alongside a Destroyer, Avenger or Warrior Emblem (Menacing).

Wolf kin

Skeletron Prime
I use full beetle armor with the scale mail and have my wings (can be swapped with destroyer emblem but is optional), the ankh shield, celestial she'll, avenger emblem, and last but no least the warrior emblem with all accessories having the menacing buff I completely cheesed golem in about 30 seconds
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