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Mech bosses guide


Eater of Worlds
Guide Category
so what do you do when you fight mech bosses in hardmode?
step 1: build an arena.4 platforms, each in the sky 7 blocks apart vertically should do the trick. these platforms should be at least 30 blocks long. as always, add some honey pools, campfires, rope if you don't have a hook, and heart lanterns.
step 2: prepare and summon the boss. drink a lifeforce potion and ironskin potion and more like rage potion. summon the boss after preparing
step 3: fight. here are some guides:
The Twins. run in a straight line and fire at spazmatism constantly. use your hook to switch platforms. when spazmatism reaches phase 2 switch platforms more often.evade his attacks and shoot him while he is breathing cursed flames. to defeat retinazer aim up and run to avoid his lasers. repeat until he is dead.
Destroyer: stay at the top platform. aim down and when his probes come up, use a minion or other attacks to destroy them. DO NOT fight him near houses or NPCs, as they will die and houses will help the destroyer maneuver.
Skeletron prime: circle around the boss. shoot the laser arm first and when you destroy it, run in a straight line and shoot the skull. the arms may make it hard to aim at the head, so take out the arms if you want. the head is now defenseless and you can kill it.
that's my guide to fighting the mech bosses.
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