Game Mechanics Mediumcore characters and Inventory Remanagement


I've been playing Terraria lately, mainly on a small world on master mode with a mediumcore character. Despite the strange setup, it gave me ample time to find my number 1 irritant when playing this mode; that whenever I die and inevitably return I have to go through the slow and grindy experience of re-arranging my inventory into a more proper order. You might think that dying and having to fight your way back might be frustrating in it's own right, but it has so far given me plenty of excuses to use some of the more lesser-used weapons.

In any case, my official suggestion for this really irritating problem is this: When you die, for each favorited item in your collective inventory slots, have a phantom placeholder occupy it's place. These would prevent other items and such from occupying their space unless you put something there. When you collect your items back, they take up the placeholder slots first before your normal inventory. If you had placed an item over its' placeholder, the obstructing item will be moved into the first free spot available first (or ejected from the inventory if none exist), and then the item takes its' place.

This feature would definitely make my experience more enjoyable.
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