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tAPI Megaman Mod

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So, yep, basically, because I really like Megaman and Terraria, i thought about making a Terraria mod with tApi i'm gonna update this thread most of time.

Stuff that are going to be implemented:
-Megaman Battle Network chips. well sort of.
-Armors, need sprites.
-Elements for the weps, already have an idea how I'll do it.
-Balance weapons
-Custom Projectiles, because Ichor bullet just are op.

Weapons that are done:

Mega Buster (may get upgraded)
Z-Saber (same as mega buster)
Z-Buster MK-II (also gonna need some upgrade)


Shooting with the bad sprited op ichor mega buster.

Shooting with the bad sprited Z-Buster MK-II w/ ichor bullets.

Using the bad sprited Z-Saber from Megaman Zero.

Updated the sprites, now the Energy Tank doesn't look like a phone battery anymore, it looks like a real E-Tank. All the sprites were made by me for this part, even the E-Tank, don't ask me how I learned spriting, I just did some drunkoftiredness-spriting. Also I added a new sword inspired by a artwork of Megaman Zero I saw which looks really cool, it's really unbalanced right now but it's looks awesome !

I accidently made the Mega Buster shoot lemon-ball-that-hurts-really-bad. I'll keep the lemons when I release the mod and i'll make the lemon launcher, which will be an upgrade of the Mega Buster, sort of I guess.

Also, if you are a spriter and you want to help, just contact me and i'll give you my steam or skype.
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Skeletron Prime
While I like Megaman games, I don't approve a mishmash of basically different universes, so I can't see Megaman Battle Network connecting nicely with original Megaman and Megaman X/Zero (those have at least something in common).


Eye of Cthulhu
This seems interesting, if you need any help coding, just contact me on skype, my username, but I am terrible at spriting XD


Staff member
Because this Thread has been inactive for a long time and this is also from TAPI which has been succeeded by TModLoader. We'll lock this Thread.


When/if you return, you can report to have your Thread unlocked if you decide to resume progress on your Mod.
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