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Melee Lifesteal- For Corruption Worlds

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by stormconure, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    Recently there have been many suggestions about lifesteal for rangers, and even one or two about summoners. The idea behind these was that every class had a way to lifesteal: melee had Vampire Knives, mage had Spectre Hood, and then the others had... Whatever these suggestions were about. But there was one thing that was completely overlooked: melee was then left at a disadvantage playthrough-wise. Doing a melee-only playthrough in a corruption world means that you cannot lifesteal. Vampire Knives are Crimson only.

    So I intend to fix that. Here is what I came up with: a new weapon mechanic for the Scourge of the Corruptor.

    Rather than actually stealing health upon hitting like the Vampire Knives do, the SotC would inflict a debuff called Draining (thanks to TheQuietBisharp for the name). Draining would drain life at the same speed as On Fire, but with a twist: every time the enemy loses a point of HP, it will send a purple healing bolt at the player who inflicted the debuff, similarly to Vampire Knives. However, this healing bolt always heals for 1 HP.
    Besides, it makes sense that something named "Corruptor" would inflict a debuff, right?

    I hope that made sense. What do you think?
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2015
  2. Zwift

    Zwift Retinazer

    Seems reasonable. Support.
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  3. Tetrahedron

    Tetrahedron Golem

    This problem doesn't apply to me, due to the fsct that I'm a ranger and for some reason most of my worlds are crimson, but there's no reason not to add it. +1 support!
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  4. randomterrarian42

    randomterrarian42 Terrarian

    I support this. Lifesteal haters will have to deal with it, because in my opinion this mechanic should be added to every class in the game.

    Also, I think someone should make a recompilation of al lifesteal-ish suggestions... (or at least the ones that aren't lack of content)
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  5. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    Great idea, support!
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  6. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    full support. the scourge of the corruptor is way too weak, especially compared to the vampire knives. i play almost exclusively on corruption worlds, and to survive the frost moon requires me to use spectre armor, and i much prefer melee. also, i think the healing beam should be purple. it would fit the corruption more. the homing eaters should do as much damage as the main one, to put it on par with the flairon.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2015
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  7. DaBomb

    DaBomb Terrarian

    It's a good base idea, but the healing seems quite weak, especially when you're not dealing with large crowds. That's on average 2.4 health per enemy per second, which isn't an awful lot.
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  8. Folder

    Folder Skeletron Prime

    *Bolts in*
    I support this Suggestion!
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  9. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    Oh my god. I forgot entirely about the disadvantage the Corruption gives you. I was too obsessed about rangers to notice! Support.
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  10. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    Thanks for the idea on the purple beams, cant believe i didnt think of that!
    I changed it to a 100% chance to heal the player. That better? Should be 4-5 HP per enemy per second, and with a ton of enemies that can easily get huge.
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  11. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    I think a good name for the Debuff could be Drained. Just to keep the Minecraft fanboys at bay. +1 for you sir.
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  12. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    Drained, or draining... Yea, that sounds good. I also considered corrupted, but corrupted inflicted on a corruptor didnt sound like it made any sense :p

    And what do u mean at bay? Im a minecraft fan myself :p
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  13. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    Specifically fanboy. Y'know, the 7 year old kids that think Minecraft is the best thing since their own birth. I used to play Minecraft a lot myself until the younger generation dominated it.
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  14. Original

    Original Eye of Cthulhu

    It's a good idea, but buff the lifesteal, its too underpowered.
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  15. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    How about draining at the same speed as Venom, and every bolt heals 2?
  16. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Meh, life steal isn't exactly necessary for everything. SOC is more effective as a weapon compared to the Vampire knives. I myself almost never touch them unless I'm out of potions (which is really rare) or I'm fooling around. As they say, a good offence is a good defense, and even more so in Terraria.
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  17. Original

    Original Eye of Cthulhu

    Well said, but without a Philosopher's Stone, I find myself struggling and always being low on health, and Philosopher's Stone is a pretty hard accessory to get, much like a lot of Mimic drops.
  18. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    The biome keys are harder to get than Mimics, at least before 1.2 on mobile when Mimics at least spawned. So, I think it kinda plays out.
  19. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    Took me quite a while to get what you meant with the Minecraft thing, but yeah, I can understand what you are getting at.

    On-Topic: It's life-steal, but it's quite well balanced...
    Ah well, support.
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  20. Original

    Original Eye of Cthulhu

    I guess I'm just unlucky then...