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Texture Pack Melstar's Minecraft Texturepack


Official Terrarian
Welcome to Melstar's Minecraft Texturepack!

This pack aims to make the game look like Minecraft, but you already knew that.

News and Spoilers
(1.4 out now! 1.5 coming soon...)
1.5 coming soon... (not really)

This update was originally intended to add and resprite a bunch of blocks, but we ended up respriting everything and adding a bunch of blocks, enemies, items and even lore
Items: Night's Edge, Feather, Bullet, Snowball, Trifold Map, Ornate Shadow Key (Cursed Golden Key and Goldogeddon), Fallen Star, Turtle Shell (Tainted Panda Fur), Frozen Turtle Shell (Tainted Polar Bear Fur), Wooden Yoyo, Rally, Malaise, Artery (Pustule), The Eye of Cthulhu (The Eye of the Colossus), Death Sickle (Rift Tearer), Cursed Dart (Acid Dart), Cursed Arrow (Acid Arrow), Cursed Bullet (Acid Bullet), Rainbow Gun (End Aurora Gun), Hallowed Key (Ender Key), Birdie Rattle (Ghost Cookie and Allay), Glommer's Flower and Glommer (Glow Berry and Glare), Lightning Carrot and Bolt Bunny (Hyper Carrot and Hyper Bunny), Moon Charm and Werewolf transformation (Curse of the Miner and Steve transformation), Bamboo Leaf and Baby Red Panda (Lightning Rod and Copper Golem), Classy Cane (Golden Cane), Green Solution, Blue Solution (Pink Solution), Purple Solution, Dark Blue Solution, Red Solution
NPCs: Ice Tortoise (Tainted Polar Bear), Giant Tortoise (Tainted Panda), Ice Merman (Iceologer), Drippler, Giant Worm, Moth, Alien Skeleton (Sans), Golden Slime (Experience Slime), Arapaima (Pike), Anomura Fungus (Mooshroom), Mushi Ladybug (Cluckshroom), Reaper (Entity 303), Christmas Bunny, Frog, Cursed Skull, Sea Turtle, The Torch God, Man Eater, Snatcher, Digger, (bunny) Slime, Gold Bunny (XP Bunny), Gold Frog (XP Frog), Explosive Bunny, Granite Golem (Warder), Squirrel (Fox), Gold Squirrel (XP Fox), Red Squirrel (Albino Fox), Crab, Duck (Chicken), Mallard Duck (Duck), Present Slimes, Spike Ball, Ice Bat, Lava Bat, Pink Jellyfish, Blue Jellyfish, Green Jellyfish, Bird, Gold Bird (XP Bird), Angry Nimbus (Tempest), Firefly, Lightning Bug (Eyefly), Snail, Obsidian Mimic, Ice Mimic, Antlion Charger (Mawler), Penguin, Lavafly
Tiles: a bunch, all furniture sets (expect gothic, steampunk, lunar, martian, spooky)
Soundtrack: The Hallow -> Ethereal Blocks (MCD); Underground Hallow -> End Wilds (MCD); Queen Slime -> Broken Heart of Ender (MCD), Desert -> Cacti Canyon (MCD); Lunar Event -> Redstone Monstrosity (MCD); Underground Desert -> Desert Temple (MCD), Eerie -> Always Watching (MCSM); Graveyard -> Warden's Office (MCSM); Slime Rain -> Command Block (MCSM), Mushrooms -> Otherside, Moon Lord -> Wither Storm Theme (MCSM), Martian Madness -> Colossus (MCSM), Pumpkin Moon -> Warped World (MCMG), Frost Moon -> Wondrous Workshop (MCMG)
Localization: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Block breaking animation

Resprites and changes
Items: Bucket, Bucket of Water, Bucket of Lava, Bucket of Honey, Obsidian Skull, Shrimpy Truffle (Shrimpy Delight), Powders, Slice of Hell Cake (Soul Cake), Treasure Bags, Shiny Stone (Totem of Regeneration), Radar, Lifeform Analyzer, Arrow, Flaming Arrow, Unholy Arrow, Magic Mirror, Ice Mirror, Life Crystal (Crystal Apple), Mana Crystal (Soul Apple), Cursed Flame (Acid Blob), Cursed Flames (Acid Rain), Soul of Light (Soul of Wight), Soul of Night (Soul of Blight), Suspicious Looking Eye, Brain in a Jar and Spider Brain (Bucket of Brain and Creeping Brain), Suspicious Grinning Eye and Suspicious Eye (Grinning Eye of Ender and Eye of the Titan), Writhing Remains and Eater of Worms (Endermeat and Original Bacteria), Pair of Eyes and Rez and Spaz (Redstone Watch), Yellow Willow Sapling (Autumn Birch Sapling), Guardian Golem and Toy Golem (Abomination Plushie and Mini Abomination), Lesser Healing Potion, Healing Potion, Greater Healing Potion, Super Healing Potion, Lesser Restoration Potion, Restoration Potion, Lesser Mana Potion (Lesser Soul Potion), Mana Potion (Soul Potion), Greater Mana Potion (Greater Soul Potion), Super Mana Potion (Super Soul Potion), Tablet Fragment and Phantasmal Dragon (Command Panel and Malworm), Soul of Flight, Soul of Fright, Soul of Might, Soul of Sight, Eater's Bone and Baby Eater (Enderbone and Babymite),
NPCs: Parrot (Pigbat), Pirate Captain (Piglin Brute), Pirate Corsair (Hoglin), Pirate Crossbower (Piglin Hunter), Pirate Deadeye (Piglin Gunner), Pirate Deckhand (Piglin Warrior), Pirate's Curse (Ghastlin), Flying Dutchman (The Flying Hoglin), Zombie, Pincushion Zombie, Slimed Zombie, Torch Zombie, Frozen Zombie, Female Zombie (Zombie Villager), Twiggy Zombie, (Female Zombie), Raincoat Zombie (Drowned), Swamp Zombie, Armed Zombie, Armed Frozen Zombie, Armed Pincushion Zombie (Archer Zombie), Armed Swamp Zombie (Chicken Jockey Tower), Armed Female Zombie (Zombie Illager), Armed Twiggy Zombie (Witch Zombie), Armed Slimed Zombie (Digested Zombie), Armed Torch Zombie (Fire Zombie), Fire Imp (Blaze), Zombie, Golem (Jungle Abomination), Fairies (Wisps), Clown (TNT Yeeter), Chattering Teeth Bomb (Yeeted TNT), Demon Eye (Ender Eye), Servant of Cthulhu (Pearlote), Prismatic Lacewing (Orb of Dominance), Empress of Light (Heart of Ender), Wandering Eye (Titan Eye), Truffle Worm (Shinyfish), Duke Fishron (Eldest Guardian), King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu (Eye of the Colossus), Skeletron, Brain of Cthulhu (Creeping Mind), Meteor Head, Zombie, Halloween Zombie, Ancient Vision (Cursed Manifestation), Lunatic Cultist (Herobrine), Slimes, Snow Balla (Snow Golem), Mister Stabby (Stabby Golem), Snowman Gangsta (Watermelon Golem), Bunny, Devourer (Wormite), Eater of Worlds, Pixie (Corrupted Soul), Giant Worm, Cursed Hammer, Enchanted Sword (Endchanted Sword), Crimson Axe, Flying Dutchman (The Flying Hoglin), Wyvern (Aedragon), The Twins (Redstone Watchers), Gold Goldfish (XP Goldfish), Eater of Souls (Endermite), Creeper (Blister), Corruptor (Megamite), Bee, World Feeder, Clinger, Hornet, Fatty Hornet, Honey Hornet, Leafy Hornet, Spikey Hornet, Stingy Hornet, Shadowflame Apparition (Shadowvex), Bone Serpent, Wraith, Face Monster, The Destroyer (Redstone Destroyer), Probe, Skeletron Prime (Redstone Terminator), Skeleton, misassembled Skeleton, Mimic, Gold Mimic, Mysterious Tablet (Ominous Computer), Moss Hornet, Phantasm Dragon (Malworm), Guide, Merchant, Traveling Merchant (Wandering Trader), Goblin Tinkerer (Traitor), Queen Slime (Queen Endslime), Tax Collector (Pigman), Tortured Soul (Zombie Pigman), Wizard, Nurse
Tiles: a bunch
Backgrounds: Clouds, Sun, Nether (2D)
Inventory: chest, personal chest, NPC shop
World evil icons
English localization was entirely rewritten, fixing some mistakes and missing names
Music files were converted to .mp3 so the music pack doesn't weigh 2GB. Some tracks now loop
Completely replaced mana with your soul
New evils


Sculk Cave

New enemies and resprites



1.4 is out now!

Items: Goat Skull, Slimy Saddle, Gelatinous Pillion (Ender Pillion), Nectar, Bone Key, Razorblade Typhoon, Magnet Sphere, Flairon, Eater's Bone, Thrown Water, Rotten Chunk, Shadow Scales, Grass Seeds, Tsunami, Vertebrae, Worm Tooth, Tissue Sample, Vile Powder, Purification Powder, Vicious Powder, Ichor, Cursed Flame, Bubble Gun, Souls, Tempest Staff, Shark Bait (Tropical Fish), Carrot, Shrimpy Truffle (Shrimpy Delight), Musket, Shadow Orb, Vilethorn, Golem Fist (Abomination Fist), Eye of the Golem (Eye of the Abomination), Bee Gun, Hive Wand, Possessed Hatchet, Obsidian Skull, Swiftness Potion, Gills Potion, Ironskin Potion, Throwing Knife, Poisoned Knife, Regeneration Potion, Pork of the Sea (Glow Squid Plushie), Sparkling Honey (Moobloom Plushie), Royal Delight, Jewel of Light (Staff of Dominance), Regal Delicacy (Ender Delicacy), Writhing Remains, Deactivated Probe, Starlight, Sus Grinning Eye, Possessed Skull, Hallowed Bar (Enderite Bar), Excalibur (Endcalibur), Magic Mirror, Ice Mirror, True Excalibur (True Endcalibur), Gungnir (End Lance), Light Disc (End Disc), Pickaxe Axe (Enderite Pickaxe Axe), Drax (Endrax), Demon Heart, Hornet Staff (Buzzy Nest), Hive Pack, Brain of Confusion, Worm Scarf, Bone Glove, SDMG, Shield of Cthulhu, Minishark, Shark Fin, Megashark, Durendal, Optic Staff, Flamethrower, Pair of Eyeballs, Robotic Skull, Terraprisma, Pwnhammer (Endhammer), Lihzahrd Power Cell (Power Fragment), Picksaw, Minecart, Wooden Minecart, Honeyed Goggles (Honeyed Saddle), Bee's Knees, Lens, Black Lens, Bee Wax, Binoculars (Spyglass), Guardian Golem (Abomination Plushie), Crimson Heart, Brain in a Jar (Bucket of Brain), Mechanical Cart and its components, Bone Rattle (Bone Bell), Temple Key (Key Golem), Seedler, Heat Ray, Royal Gel, Nettle Burst (Whispering Staff), Slice of Hell Cake (Soul Cake), Sickle, Gravedigger's Shovel, Sun Stone (Totem of Regeneration), Spore Sac (Poisonous Blossom), Plantera Seedling, Tablet Fragment (Command Panel), Eucalyptus Sap (Golden Potato), Pixie Dust (Ender Powder), Rod of Discord (Ender Rod), Unicorn Horn (Ender Horse Horn), Blessed Apple (Enchanted Chorus Fruit), Unholy Trident (Witherghast Head), Grenade Launcher, Mushroom Set (Gameraiders101 Set), Key of Night, Key of Light (Key of Ender), Venus Magnum, Flower Pow, Magma Stone (Magma Cream), The Undertaker, Crimson Rod, Panic Necklace, Wasp Gun, Grenade, Slime Staff, Beenade, Band of Starpower (Band of Soul Power), Ice Rod, Volatile Gelatin, Soaring Insignia (Ender Firework), Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite, Bouncy Bomb, Bouncy Dynamite, Bouncy Grenade, Amber, Enchanted Seeds (Parrot Cracker)
Entities: Queen Slime (Queen Endslime), Crystal Slime, Heavenly Slime, Bouncy Slime, Eater of Souls, Eater of Worlds, Devourer, Corruptor, Slimer, World Feeder, Clinger, Meteor Head, Ichor Sticker, Empress of Light (Heart of Ender), The Destroyer, Golem (Jungle Abomination), Crimera, Gastropod (Flying Shulk), Duke Fishron (Eldest Guardian), Face Monster, Herpling, Floaty Gross, Truffle Worm (Shinyfish), Wall of Flesh, Dolphin, Shark, Ancient Doom (Ghastly Doom), Phantasm Dragon (Phantom Serpent), Bone Serpent, Plantera, Prismatic Lacewing (Floating Orb), Goldfish, Corrupt Goldfish, Vicious Goldfish, Gold Goldfish, Mister Stabby, Snow Balla, Exploding Snowman, Snowman Gangsta, Demon (Cursed Ghast), Voodoo Demon (Cursed Ghast Jockey), Fungo Fish (Glow Squid), Fairies (Eyes of Treasure), Pixie (Angry Eye), Chaos Elemental (Enderman), Unicorn (Ender Horse), Enchanted Sword (Endchanted Sword), Blood Jelly (Blood Kraken), Red Devil (Witherghast), Wraith, Vulture, Hallow Mimic (The Great Shulker), Angry Tumbler, Mummy (Husk), Dark Mummy (Dark Husk), Blood Mummy (Blood Husk), Light Mummy (Ender Husk), Rock Golem (Warden), Raincoat Zombie (Drowned), Crimson Axe, Lihzahrd phase 1 (Whisperer), Skeletons, Cave Bat, Jungle Bat, Hellbat, Spore Bat, Spore Skeleton, Tim, Corrupt Mimic, Crimson Mimic
Tiles/Walls: Cattails, Pink Prickly Pear, Weapon Rack, Trophies, Relics, Lihzahrd Pressure Plate, Lihzahrd chair and table, Lihzahrd Altar, Plantera's Bulb, Mannequin, Womannequin, Layered Dirt Wall, Crumbling Dirt Wall, Cracked Dirt Wall, Wavy Dirt Wall, Cave Dirt Wall, Rocky Dirt Wall, Rough Dirt Wall, Cracked Dungeons Bricks, Mossy Bricks
Soundtrack: Hallow -> The End; Empress of Light -> Arch-Illager Smash Bros Arrangement, Duke Fishron -> Indoor Guardians; Underground Crimson -> Zombie Mine, Underground Corruption -> Dark Sky; Alt Underground -> Fizz; Sandstorm -> arena1; Underground -> Haven; Underground Desert -> Cacti Canyon; Boss 5 -> Tempest Golem; Plantera -> The Four Horsement; Snow -> Wonderland Theme; Underground Snow -> Last Moments in Wonderland; Ocean Day -> Dragon Fish; Ocean Night -> Axolotl; Dungeon -> Fiery Forge; Eerie -> Warden's Office; Eclipse -> I'll Be My Own Friend; Pirate Invasion -> Ancient; Journey's End Credits -> No More Creepers; Underground Hallow -> Boss
Extensions: Actual Mechs, Music Pack, Moon Lord WIP
Forest, Underworld (Nether), and Hallow (End) backgrounds
Some map backgrounds
World infection and creation icons
When starting the game you'll see Lamb's cool banner

Resprites and changes
Items: Compass, all watches, Treasure Bags, Breaker Blade (Boneclub), Obsidian Rose, Gel, Pink Gel
Entities: Skeletron, Dungeon Guardian, Skeletron Prime, Eye of Cthulhu, The Twins, Brain of Cthulhu, Creeper, King Slime, Spiked Slime, Lunatic Cultist (Herobrine), Queen Bee, Toxic Sludge, Crimslime, Lava Slime, Lunatic Devotee, Cultist Archer, White Cultist Archer, Tavernkeep (Farlander), Bald Zombie (Chicken Jockey), Green Slime, Blue Slime, Red Slime, Purple Slime, Yellow Slime, Black Slime, Ice Slime, Sand Slime, Jungle Slime, Spiked Ice Slime, Spiked Jungle Slime, Mother Slime, Baby Slime, Dungeon Slime, Pinky, Umbrella Slime, Balloon Slime, Corrupt Slime, Slimeling, Slimer, Illuminant Slime (Ender Slime), Rainbow Slime
Tiles/Walls: Evil Altars, Trees, Gem Stashes, Lihzahrd Bricks and Walls, Super Dart Trap, Flame Trap, Spiky Ball Trap, Spear Trap, Lihzahrd Chest, Lihzahrd Statues, Wooden Spike (Corrupted Roots), Dirt, Grass, Wood Beam, Pearlstone (Endstone), Stone, Active Stone, Inactive Stone, Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Lead Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Silver Ore, Tungsten Ore, Stone Wall, Dirt Wall, Vines, Crimson Vines, Jungle Vines, Hallowed Vines (Chorus Vines), Flower Vines, Amber Stone Block, Amethyst Stone Block, Diamond Stone Block, Emerald Stone Block, Ruby Stone Block, Sapphire Stone Block, Topaz Stone Block, Ash Block (Netherrack), Hellstone (Magma Block), Demonite Ore, Crimtane Ore, Chlorophyte Ore, Cobalt Ore, Palladium Ore, Mythril Ore, Orichalcum Ore, Adamantite Ore, Titanium Ore, Moss
Mana and Health bars
Many cave backgrounds
All add-ons were kinda modified
Every new NPC

Actual screenshots of the bosses






Better Nether

New cool ores

An example of the new localization



Snow biome




End (Hallow)

Nether (Hell)


Download links
1.4.1 - Terraria - Download from Workshop - Download manually from Mediafire

Restart the game after enabling the pack to fully load its resources

How to Download manually:
Download the zip file from the link provided above, and put it in the following folder:
%USERPROFILE\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks (Windows)
~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/ResourcePacks (Mac)
$XDG_DATA_HOME/Terraria/ResourcePacks (Linux)
Do NOT unzip it
Then just enable the pack in the Texture Packs menu

Add-ons are separate texture packs that you can download to customize your experience


Music Pack
Adds Minecraft's music into the game (it's not complete yet)
01 Overworld Day -> Minecraft
02 Eerie -> Warden's Office
03 Overworld Night -> Clark
04 Underground -> Haven (MCD)
05 Boss 1 -> Enderman Boss (MCD)
06 Title Classic -> Mutation
07 Jungle Day -> Jungle Biome (MCSM)
08 Corruption -> So Below
09 Hallow -> The End
10 Underground Corruption -> Dark Sky (MCSM)
11 Underground Hallow -> Boss
12 Boss 2 -> Arch Illager Boss (MCD)
13 Boss 3 -> Escape the Maze (MCSM)
14 Snow -> Wonderland Theme (MCSM)
15 Space Night -> Taswell
16 Crimson -> Beacontown Twisted (MCSM)
17 Boss 4 -> Corrupted Cauldron Boss (MCD)
18 Alt Overworld Day -> Subwoofer Lullaby
19 Rainy Day -> Mice on Venus
20 Underground Snow -> Last Moments in Wonderland (MCSM)
21 Desert ->
22 Ocean Day -> Dragon Fish
23 Dungeon -> Fiery Forge (MCD)
24 Plantera -> The Four Horsemen (MCD)
25 Boss 5 -> Tempest Golem (MCD)
26 Temple -> Overgrown Temple (MCD)
27 Eclipse -> I'll Be My Own Friend
29 Mushrooms ->
30 Pumpkin Moon ->
31 Alt Underground -> Fizz (MCD)
32 Frost Moon ->
33 Underground Crimson -> Zombie Mine (MCSM)
34 Lunar Event ->
35 Pirate Invasion -> Ancient (MCD)
36 Hell -> Rubedo
37 Martian Madness ->
38 Moon Lord ->
39 Goblin Invasion -> Evoker Boss (MCD)
40 Sandstorm -> arena1 (MCD)
41 Old One's Army ->
42 Space Day -> Biome Fest
43 Ocean Night -> Axolotl
44 Windy Day -> Danny
46 Town Day -> Haggstrom
47 Town Night -> Living Mice
48 Slime Rain ->
50/51 Title Journey's End -> Story Mode Main Menu
52 Storm -> Showdown in Skyland
53 Graveyard ->
54 Underground Jungle -> Dingy Jungle (MCD)
55 Jungle Night -> Jungle Biome (MCSM)
56 Queen Slime ->
57 Empress of Light -> Arch Illager Smash Arrangement
58 Duke Fishron -> Indoor Guardians (MCSM)
59 Morning Rain -> Wet Hands
61 Underground Desert -> Cacti Canyon (MCD)
89 Journey's End Credits -> No More Creepers (MCSM)
Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


This add-on turns Queen Bee into a Minecraft version of the meme 22

Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


Actual Mechs
The mechanic bosses are made of steel
Actual Mechs.png

Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


Creeper Demolitionist
(by The Lamb)
This add-on turns the demolitionist into a creeper with a miner helmet
Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


Dark Mode
This add-on makes inventory icons and Re-Logic screens very dark

Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


Easy-to-See Guardian
Makes The Eldest Guardian easier to see in his third phase

Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


The Unholy Waters
This add-on turns corrupt water into green cursed water and crimson water into yellow ichor water. Also applies to rain, fountains, and ice.
Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire


Glow Squid Lord
Turns Moon Lord into a giant Glow Squid
Glow Squid Lord.png

Download from Workshop - Download from MediaFire

Q: When will the next update be released?
A: As a very wise developer said, "When it's ready." If an update is close to completion we'll tell you.

Q: When will <feature> be added?
A: We have a roadmap for events and bosses which is currently secret. The player will be added after these are done.

Q: Can you update the mobile version?
A: TL Pro's version is not supported by us. Go ask them.

Q: Can I submit a sprite?
A: Yes. You can do that in our Discord server. Do know that we have high standards.

Q: What are your thoughts on other Minecraft texture packs?
A: They're cool.

If you're feeling generous and you want to help support this pack's development or something, here's our PayPal so you can donate to us:

The Discord server is the place to submit sprites and see spoilers for the next update

Moon Lord: It will be replaced with Minecraft: Story Mode's first main antagonist, the Witherstorm. It's in our interest to give it a very different design, still resembling the Witherstorm, but with details of our own to make it more machine-like.
Celestial Towers: Just like ML, these will be wither-themed. Each one will represent a different biome and will summon withered versions of its enemies.
Solar Eclipse: The lore behind this event is that basically Herobrine causes it and, when it happens, the barrier that separates the Mainland from the Farlands is brought down. And from the other side emerge many glitched creatures and people. Mothron will be a giant phantom (Phantera?), Dr. Man Fly will be a Viler Witch, Creature from the Deep will probably be some drowned with a squid on its head or something, Psycho will most likely resemble Dream, Frankenstein and Swamp Thing will be Farlanders (glitched dudes).
Frost Moon: Ice Queen will be the Wretched Wraith, a wraith from a snow biome that got ahold of an Orb of Dominance and formed its own army. The enemies of the event are still undecided.
Pumpkin Moon: Pretty much the same thing.
Old One's Army: This event will be called "The End Empire". The enemies there will be replaced with ender soldiers and creatures. The Dark Mage will be an Ender Wizard, a dude with a lot of eyes. The Ogre will be a Mutaling, a big creature that resembles the Vengeful Heart of Ender. Betsy will obviously be an Ender Dragon.
Deerclops: We have plans for it. Can't say what they are.

Devs and Contributors
@Melster: Creator, spriter, lore writer
@The Lamb: Spriter, conceptual artist, background artist, lore writer

SireAngelo: concept art, sprites
@JoallBlue130: sprites
@CoconutAdam: sprites
@Scratch Lunin: sprites
@Cullistics: sprites
@Deborn: sprites
amininja: sprites
@J-004: concept art, trailer
@Lycorius: trailer
Sylvium: sprites
LuckyCat: sprites
@Luigipunch989: sprites
DefinitelyNotDr.Allan: sprites
@DeclanOcean: sprites

Credits and References
Mojang Studios: They own all music and sounds, and almost all textures in this pack
Telltale Games: some of the concepts from Story Mode were used in the pack
The Aether biome is a reference to the Aether mod, made by kingbdogz and currently owned by GildedGames
The Farlander is a reference to the Farlanders mod, originally made by Fabiulu and ported by the ModdingLegacy Team
The Hornet design is from a video titled WASP vs BEE vs HORNET in Minecraft? by SystemZee
The Ender Colossus concept is from a Machinima animation by Tea
The End's aurora is from an animation titled Minecraft: Order of the Sword by Spicevipe
The Flying Hoglin is a reference to an animated music parody titled Find the Pieces by CaptainSparklez, TryHardNinja, and others
The Pike is from the Upgrade Aquatic mod by TeamAbnormals
Textcraft.net: a safe site to create Minecraft text and logos
Music composers: C418, Lena Raine, Antimo & Welles, Peter Hont, Johan Johnson, and Samuel Åberg
Quick Wave Bank, a tool to create and extract wave banks
TConvert, a tool to extract and convert xnb files

(Thank you!)
By ChippyGaming

By Gameraiders101

By Mxx hu

By BarbarianGaming (Japanese)

By Yddra (Spanish)

by Спинал (Russian)

(Not all versions can be downloaded)

Terraria - Download from Discord
Contains some blocks, items, and enemies

Terraria - Download from Discord
Various resprites to match the 1.14 version

Terraria - Download from Discord
Terraria - Download from Discord
A few things and 1.4 compatibility

Terraria - Download from MediaFire
New logo
New loading screens, based on the ones from Mojang Studios. Comes in many colors!
New UI
Dungeons-styled health bar!
Also this
New EPIC backgrounds by @The Lamb
New grass!
Bamboo, for some reason
Gem trees
Background objects
Shaped clouds!
Health and Mana Potions
Cute but evil squid
Wandering Eyes
The... TNT Yeeter?
Many resprites and fixes for items broken after 1.4
Better glowing mushrooms
New sounds!?
New wave bank!?!?

Terraria - Download from MediaFire
Fixes to the newest backgrounds
If you're lucky enough, you may find at the edge of the world... the Far Lands!

Terraria - Download from MediaFire
Added NPCs: all Town NPCs (except pets), Red Dragon (Wyvern), Balloon Slime, Cursed Hammer, Blaze (Fire Imp), Hornet, Moss Hornet, Blood Crawler, Jungle Creeper, Bunny, Corrupt Bunny, Vicious Bunny, Hoppin' Jack, Zombies, The Groom, The Bride, Bouldering Zombie (Blood Zombie)
Resprited NPCs: Eye of Cthulhu, Queen Bee, King Slime, Demon Eye, Wandering Eye, Skeletron's arms
Added items: hardmode ore swords, Bee Keeper, Witherwrath (Star Wrath), Terra Blade, Trident, Candy Corn Sword, Wooden Boomerang, Falcon Blade, Spear, Gladius, Cutlass, Ice Sickle, Enchanted Boomerang, Mace, Flaming Mace, Katana, Shadowflame Hex Doll, Shadowflame Knife, Shadowflame Bow, Blade of Grass, Blowpipe, Blowgun, Blaze Staff (Imp Staff), Ice Blade, Flamarang, Shroomerang, Bananarang, Rotten Egg, Netherite Bar and Netherite tools, natural woods and their tables, chairs, workbenches, hammers and swords, Target Dummy, Apple, Tattered Cloth, Zombie Arm, Gem staves, Demon Conch, World Globe, Tree Globe, Wooden Crate, Treasure Bags, Crystal, Ender Crystal (Gelatin Crystal), The Golden Spot (The Black Spot), Hero's Emerald (Discount Card), Experience Ring (Gold Ring), Lucky Coin
Resprited items: hammers, Copper items, Corrupted Beacon, Super Absorbant Sponge
Resprited blocks: crimson and ender (holy) sand, hive walls, yellow willow and sakura trees, obsidian, stone
During parties, NPCs will wear mob masks
Added more backgrounds
Added extensions: 22, Creeper Demolitionist, Dark Mode, The Unholy Waters
Added NPC and Boss health bars
Added a loading icon
Added the Pillager Raid (Goblin Invasion) and the Piglin Raid (Pirate Invasion)
New icon
Added Dungeons-styled minimap border
Added map border for the world map
Resprited some inventory icons
Added cursor
Added some map backgrounds

Terraria - Download from MediaFire
Fixed a couple of sprites that didn't appear in-game
Fixed wave bank
New soundtrack for the wave bank: Goblin Army -> Evoker Boss Battle (MCD); Boss 1 -> Enderman Boss Battle (MCD); Crimson -> Beacontown Twisted (MCSM); Thunderstorm -> Showdown in Skyland (MCSM); Boss 4 -> Corrupted Cauldron Boss Battle (MCD); Windy Day -> Danny; Jungle Day and Jungle Night -> Jungle Biome (MCSM); Underground Jungle -> Dingy Jungle (MCD); Jungle Temple -> Overgrown Temple (MCD); Journey's End -> Alpha; Pirate Invasion -> Pigstep (placeholder)
Most NPCs will now wear a unique hat during a party
The Creeper Demolitionist extension has also been updated
Last edited:


Skeletron Prime
Ui can be changed, but it only works when installing with tmod. Btw, you can change inventory sprite sizes to any size


Official Terrarian
You can now download the pack for 1.4!

Small preview
Only the new Sakura and yellow willow trees were done in this update
This is so cursed.
I love it.. You did an amazing job at bringing in the Minecraft textures, but keeping the Terraria feel. I downloaded it instantly and will probably use it for a long time.


Official Terrarian
question who is gonna be the ender dragon
i kinda figure dit could have been betsy but you said you arent gonna change the old ones army and betsy is the only dragon enemy i can think of
so maybe its possible that the only change you do to that army is besty being ender dragon????
because i dont see any terarria boss besides betsy to fit as ender dragon
also i think moonlord could be the wither either the normal one or from the deepest game of hell called story mode
Edit: now i remember that MC Dungeons is getting DLC that is gonna take place on the jungle so maybe when that releases it could give you an idea of some jungle enemies and plantera


Official Terrarian
question who is gonna be the ender dragon
i kinda figure dit could have been betsy but you said you arent gonna change the old ones army and betsy is the only dragon enemy i can think of
so maybe its possible that the only change you do to that army is besty being ender dragon????
because i dont see any terarria boss besides betsy to fit as ender dragon
also i think moonlord could be the wither either the normal one or from the deepest game of hell called story mode
Edit: now i remember that MC Dungeons is getting DLC that is gonna take place on the jungle so maybe when that releases it could give you an idea of some jungle enemies and plantera
Yeah I was thinking in turning ML into the Witherstorm.
I still haven't played the new jungle DLC, but from the looks of it I think the Golem can be the final boss of that region.
I haven't decided what to do with the Ender Dragon.
I don't even know if I'll finish this pack.


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Yeah I was thinking in turning ML into the Witherstorm.
I still haven't played the new jungle DLC, but from the looks of it I think the Golem can be the final boss of that region.
I haven't decided what to do with the Ender Dragon.
I don't even know if I'll finish this pack.
if i were you id only change betsy to ender dragon, i cant think of any enemy besides besty to be the ender dragon, i dont think any wyvern would even work, so maybe only change betsy to ender dragon and keep the rest of the enemies untouched?
also yeah i figured it was gonna be the whiterstorm, probably the only giant enemy in the whole minecraft universe (his heart could be the command block but maybe you already knew that)


This is really good! I hope that you keep updating this at your own pace!

I love the heart and soul put into it, it all feels so natural and dynamic!:dryadpassionate:
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