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Texture Pack Melster's Minecraft Texture Pack (Evil Update out now!)


The Destroyer
I think granite will stay as MC granite, though deepslate could be used for one of the many stone walls in the underground or the Caves BG
You could replace the lava caves (the caves that are near hell) background with deepslate

Pixel Pretzel

Yeah, uhm... i wanna know, the id of the pirate invasion, i love this texture pack, but, i only want the pirate invasion, ghast mount and the blaze pet `:sigh:

The Lamb

Official Terrarian
Yeah, uhm... i wanna know, the id of the pirate invasion, i love this texture pack, but, i only want the pirate invasion, ghast mount and the blaze pet `:sigh:
There's a lot of files from that event, so i made this for you. It also includes gores from the upcoming update.


  • Piglin.zip
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The Lamb

Official Terrarian
GUYS! We are heading towars the end of this update!
And speaking of end, check out this new BG for the End biome (Hallow).



Official Terrarian
AAAAAND IT'S OUT! The Evil Update is now available on the Workshop!

Items: Goat Skull, Slimy Saddle, Gelatinous Pillion (Ender Pillion), Nectar, Bone Key, Razorblade Typhoon, Magnet Sphere, Flairon, Eater's Bone, Thrown Water, Rotten Chunk, Shadow Scales, Grass Seeds, Tsunami, Vertebrae, Worm Tooth, Tissue Sample, Vile Powder, Purification Powder, Vicious Powder, Ichor, Cursed Flame, Bubble Gun, Souls, Tempest Staff, Shark Bait (Tropical Fish), Carrot, Shrimpy Truffle (Shrimpy Delight), Musket, Shadow Orb, Vilethorn, Golem Fist (Abomination Fist), Eye of the Golem (Eye of the Abomination), Bee Gun, Hive Wand, Possessed Hatchet, Obsidian Skull, Swiftness Potion, Gills Potion, Ironskin Potion, Throwing Knife, Poisoned Knife, Regeneration Potion, Pork of the Sea (Glow Squid Plushie), Sparkling Honey (Moobloom Plushie), Royal Delight, Jewel of Light (Staff of Dominance), Regal Delicacy (Ender Delicacy), Writhing Remains, Deactivated Probe, Starlight, Sus Grinning Eye, Possessed Skull, Hallowed Bar (Enderite Bar), Excalibur (Endcalibur), Magic Mirror, Ice Mirror, True Excalibur (True Endcalibur), Gungnir (End Lance), Light Disc (End Disc), Pickaxe Axe (Enderite Pickaxe Axe), Drax (Endrax), Demon Heart, Hornet Staff (Buzzy Nest), Hive Pack, Brain of Confusion, Worm Scarf, Bone Glove, SDMG, Shield of Cthulhu, Minishark, Shark Fin, Megashark, Durendal, Optic Staff, Flamethrower, Pair of Eyeballs, Robotic Skull, Terraprisma, Pwnhammer (Endhammer), Lihzahrd Power Cell (Power Fragment), Picksaw, Minecart, Wooden Minecart, Honeyed Goggles (Honeyed Saddle), Bee's Knees, Lens, Black Lens, Bee Wax, Binoculars (Spyglass), Guardian Golem (Abomination Plushie), Crimson Heart, Brain in a Jar (Bucket of Brain), Mechanical Cart and its components, Bone Rattle (Bone Bell), Temple Key (Key Golem), Seedler, Heat Ray, Royal Gel, Nettle Burst (Whispering Staff), Slice of Hell Cake (Soul Cake), Sickle, Gravedigger's Shovel, Sun Stone (Totem of Regeneration), Spore Sac (Poisonous Blossom), Plantera Seedling, Tablet Fragment (Command Panel), Eucalyptus Sap (Golden Potato), Pixie Dust (Ender Powder), Rod of Discord (Ender Rod), Unicorn Horn (Ender Horse Horn), Blessed Apple (Enchanted Chorus Fruit), Unholy Trident (Witherghast Head), Grenade Launcher, Mushroom Set (Gameraiders101 Set), Key of Night, Key of Light (Key of Ender), Venus Magnum, Flower Pow, Magma Stone (Magma Cream), The Undertaker, Crimson Rod, Panic Necklace, Wasp Gun, Grenade, Slime Staff, Beenade, Band of Starpower (Band of Soul Power), Ice Rod, Volatile Gelatin, Soaring Insignia (Ender Firework), Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite, Bouncy Bomb, Bouncy Dynamite, Bouncy Grenade, Amber, Enchanted Seeds (Parrot Cracker)
Entities: Queen Slime (Queen Endslime), Crystal Slime, Heavenly Slime, Bouncy Slime, Eater of Souls, Eater of Worlds, Devourer, Corruptor, Slimer, World Feeder, Clinger, Meteor Head, Ichor Sticker, Empress of Light (Heart of Ender), The Destroyer, Golem (Jungle Abomination), Crimera, Gastropod (Flying Shulk), Duke Fishron (Eldest Guardian), Face Monster, Herpling, Floaty Gross, Truffle Worm (Shinyfish), Wall of Flesh, Dolphin, Shark, Ancient Doom (Ghastly Doom), Phantasm Dragon (Phantom Serpent), Bone Serpent, Plantera, Prismatic Lacewing (Floating Orb), Goldfish, Corrupt Goldfish, Vicious Goldfish, Gold Goldfish, Mister Stabby, Snow Balla, Exploding Snowman, Snowman Gangsta, Demon (Cursed Ghast), Voodoo Demon (Cursed Ghast Jockey), Fungo Fish (Glow Squid), Fairies (Eyes of Treasure), Pixie (Angry Eye), Chaos Elemental (Enderman), Unicorn (Ender Horse), Enchanted Sword (Endchanted Sword), Blood Jelly (Blood Kraken), Red Devil (Witherghast), Wraith, Vulture, Hallow Mimic (The Great Shulker), Angry Tumbler, Mummy (Husk), Dark Mummy (Dark Husk), Blood Mummy (Blood Husk), Light Mummy (Ender Husk), Rock Golem (Warden), Raincoat Zombie (Drowned), Crimson Axe, Lihzahrd phase 1 (Whisperer), Skeletons, Cave Bat, Jungle Bat, Hellbat, Spore Bat, Spore Skeleton, Tim, Corrupt Mimic, Crimson Mimic
Tiles/Walls: Cattails, Pink Prickly Pear, Weapon Rack, Trophies, Relics, Lihzahrd Pressure Plate, Lihzahrd chair and table, Lihzahrd Altar, Plantera's Bulb, Mannequin, Womannequin, Layered Dirt Wall, Crumbling Dirt Wall, Cracked Dirt Wall, Wavy Dirt Wall, Cave Dirt Wall, Rocky Dirt Wall, Rough Dirt Wall, Cracked Dungeons Bricks, Mossy Bricks
Music Pack: Hallow -> The End; Empress of Light -> Arch-Illager Smash Bros Arrangement, Duke Fishron -> Indoor Guardians; Underground Crimson -> Zombie Mine, Underground Corruption -> Dark Sky; Alt Underground -> Fizz; Sandstorm -> arena1; Underground -> Haven; Underground Desert -> Cacti Canyon; Boss 5 -> Tempest Golem; Plantera -> The Four Horsement; Snow -> Wonderland Theme; Underground Snow -> Last Moments in Wonderland; Ocean Day -> Dragon Fish; Ocean Night -> Axolotl; Dungeon -> Fiery Forge; Eerie -> Warden's Office; Eclipse -> I'll Be My Own Friend; Pirate Invasion -> Ancient; Journey's End Credits -> No More Creepers; Underground Hallow -> Boss
Add-ons: Actual Mechs, Music Pack, Moon Lord WIP
Forest, Underworld (Nether) and Hallow (End) backgrounds
Some map backgrounds
World infection and creation icons
When starting the game you'll see Lamb's cool banner

Resprites and changes
Items: Compass, all watches, Treasure Bags, Breaker Blade (Boneclub), Obsidian Rose, Gel, Pink Gel
Entities: Skeletron, Dungeon Guardian, Skeletron Prime, Eye of Cthulhu, The Twins, Brain of Cthulhu, Creeper, King Slime, Spiked Slime, Lunatic Cultist (Herobrine), Queen Bee, Toxic Sludge, Crimslime, Lava Slime, Lunatic Devotee, Cultist Archer, White Cultist Archer, Tavernkeep (Farlander), Bald Zombie (Chicken Jockey), Green Slime, Blue Slime, Red Slime, Purple Slime, Yellow Slime, Black Slime, Ice Slime, Sand Slime, Jungle Slime, Spiked Ice Slime, Spiked Jungle Slime, Mother Slime, Baby Slime, Dungeon Slime, Pinky, Umbrella Slime, Balloon Slime, Corrupt Slime, Slimeling, Slimer, Illuminant Slime (Ender Slime), Rainbow Slime
Tiles/Walls: Evil Altars, Trees, Gem Stashes, Lihzahrd Bricks and Walls, Super Dart Trap, Flame Trap, Spiky Ball Trap, Spear Trap, Lihzard Chest, Lihzahrd Statues, Wooden Spike (Corrupted Roots), Dirt, Grass, Wood Beam, Pearlstone (Endstone), Stone, Active Stone, Inactive Stone, Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Lead Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Silver Ore, Tungsten Ore, Stone Wall, Dirt Wall, Vines, Crimson Vines, Jungle Vines, Hallowed Vines (Chorus Vines), Flower Vines, Amber Stone Block, Amethyst Stone Block, Diamond Stone Block, Emerald Stone Block, Ruby Stone Block, Sapphire Stone Block, Topaz Stone Block, Ash Block (Netherrack), Hellstone (Magma Block), Demonite Ore, Crimtane Ore, Chlorophyte Ore, Cobalt Ore, Palladium Ore, Mythril Ore, Orichalcum Ore, Adamantite Ore, Titanium Ore, Moss
Mana and Health bars
Many cave backgrounds
All add-ons were kinda modified
I would like to thank the following people:
  • @The Lamb: He absolutely carried this update. Most of the stuff was made by him! He even made a cool banner.​
  • SireAngelo: He provided a concept for Plantera.​
  • @J-004: He provided a concept for Wall of Flesh. He also recorded the trailer.​
  • @Lycorius: He edited the trailer, and I think it looks epic!​
  • @Deborn: Gotta thank the artist from Faithful for making the new logo!​
  • amininja, Sylvium, LuckyCat: They contributed by submitting sprites in our Discord server.​
  • And of course, I wanna thank you all for enjoying and supporting this project!​
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