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Important Member-Run Contests: Rules & Guidelines

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First and foremost, the Staff of the Terraria Community Forums appreciate all the members that hold contests and would like to thank each of you for your contributions to our community. Please note that all forum, category, and sectional rules apply to contests, giveaways, charity streams, and any other form of member-run event.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of the Terraria Community Forums, and any associated entities are not responsible for any issues encountered by members of the Terraria Community due to their participation in a member-run contest. No guarantees are given or implied that prizes will be received or fit for use. Any issues with prize distribution, rules, selection of winners, etc. should be taken up with the contest holder or other appropriate groups.

Contest Summary

Member-run contests are events conceived, held, and managed by members of the forum, as opposed to the game developers or staff. Any member is welcome to create a contest and give away just about any legal thing they desire to other members of the community, provided they follow the forum rules and those laid out in this thread.

Contest threads generally belong in one of a few areas of the forum. Terraria related contests should be held in the most relevant platform general talk section, PC General Talk, Console General Talk, Mobile General Talk, or in the platform-independent general talk section, The Crossroads. All Non-Terraria related contests should be held in the Off Topic section of the forum.

Contest Rules
  • Contest threads should include the Member-Run Contest prefix tag next to the title when being created and contest threads missing the prefix tag will have it added by a member of the forum staff. Additionally, a member may report a contest thread that is lacking the proper prefix and request that it be added.
  • Contest rules and prizes are decided by the user holding the contest, and said member will have the final say in all contest matters.
  • Contest rules, prizes, and the method used to select the winner(s) should be listed in the opening post of the contest thread.
  • Contests are not required to offer prizes, though prizeless contest threads may be locked if they lack a clear purpose.
  • Contests can not require participants to subscribe, like, follow, or perform other similar actions on this website or any external website, such as Youtube, Twitch, Steam, etc.
  • Contests can, on occasion, go awry and end prematurely; this is understandable and no action will be taken in such cases. However, members who repeatedly fail to successfully conclude contests may be restricted from holding contests in the future.

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  • Published: 2014/09/17
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