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Important Member-Run Projects: Rules & Guidelines

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As it is with almost every game forum, players are often inspired to design their own games and wish to create threads for those projects. The Terraria Community Staff are happy to support the creativity of our members; however, while project threads are allowed, they must follow the additional rules outlined below.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers of Terraria, the Staff of the Terraria Community Forums, and any associated entities are not responsible for any issues encountered by members of the Terraria Community due to their participation in or use of a member-run project. No guarantees are given or implied related to the state or practices of any hosted project. Any issues with member-run projects, conflicts, technical problems, etc. should be taken up with the thread creator, an official member of the project, or other appropriate groups.

Project Summary

Member-run project threads almost always belong in the Other Games section. In the rare case that a project is not a game of some sort, it is acceptable to create the project's thread in the Other Media or Off Topic sections.

Project Rules
  • Project threads should include the Member-Run Project prefix tag next to the title when being created and project threads missing the prefix tag will have it added by a member of the forum staff. Additionally, a member may report a project thread that is lacking the proper prefix and request that it be added.
  • When creating a project thread, some description of the project must be included in the opening post, the more details the better. Threads with opening posts containing no more information about the project than "who wants to make a game", "pm for details", or "will explain after you join" are not acceptable. Some examples of information to include are: the genre, the art style, what mechanics will be employed, what framework or programming language will be used, and the project creator's level of experience and training.
  • Each project is allowed a single thread. However, well established projects may be allowed one additional thread for a specific project related purpose, such as recruiting team members. A good rule of thumb, if something solid hasn't already been made, then more than one thread is not needed.
  • Project threads are for projects currently being developed, not plans for the future. We are happy to provide a place for projects to grow, but this isn't a time capsule for random ideas.
  • Directly conducting commerce through project threads is prohibited. However, linking to external websites (Kickstarter, PayPal, the project's website, etc) which host related activities such as fundraising or donations is allowed.
  • Members of a project may post multiple times in a row (bump) in the project's thread under the conditions that the post contains meaningful content related to the project, not just general discussion, and a reasonable amount of time has past between posts.

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