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Please post any and all random/non-Terrarian YouTube channels here rather than creating your own thread to share/advertise them and/or doing so in other random threads.

Threads created or posts made elsewhere to advertise YouTube channels are subject to removal and account action.

Terraria-related videos (Let's Play, Reviews, etc) should be posted in the appropriate section of the Terraria Videos Section

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Erienna Nakagai

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I'm too lazy for a link, but just search MegaKyurem. Haven't been active in months and my content is Terraria/Minecraft/Pokemon/(really old videos) Roblox


You can find my youtube channel in my signature, aswell, but, you know, yeah, that.
Anyways, my channel has things. And stuff. If you try to categorise it, use words like "random" and avoid words like "schedule", because I upload whatever I want whenever I feel like it. The most consistent part about this channel is SMBX Level Video Uploads, and I'm so slow at creating these that there's a large gap in between uploads.


I'm not even sure if i want any of you to watch my videos, but i guess it would be better, since i spent way too much time in making them

A few of them are in italian, but the majority are in english.
If you're actually going to watch my nuzlocke, i highly suggest you to skip the first 2-3 episodes, they're incredibly boring, while the rest (at least imo) is quite good.


Looking for amateur as heck music composed with 3DS music apps and ghettorecorded with an old camera, and maybe hear my annoying squeaky voice in a couple old Terraria videos?

Then is the place to go! I don't update it much, but if you want to put a voice to the face to the art, then hey, why not?
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