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Meteor Revival: Making Meteorites a Legitimate Biome


Ice Queen
basically, you just added wood to it. and cavern and forest are seperate, they have different mobs, backgrounds, and music. so it honestly didn't seem to have a lot of thought put into it, like some of your other suggestions. if the new enemies were more unique, rather than seeming to be recolored versions of other mobs, i would like it better. im just kinda tired of mobs that are just variants of other mobs. although a meteorite bunny(maybe a pet) would be cool. i don't hate it, but i think trying to make it more unique and putting a bit more thought and creativity into it would be good.


Cavern is a depth layer... Snow biome has a cavern layer... Jungle has a cavern layer... Forest has a cavern layer... Cavern layer everywhere oO ;) In the jungle there is wood underground in the cavern layer, yes, really :)
Hmm wood in the meteorite biome... hmm, lets say the meteorite biome spreads by radiation, then trees could mutate by the radiation, same for the mobs in the impact/spread area... There is the (real life) logic that could be behind it. A virus would be ok too imo. You know?! Viruses are dna fragments that insert themself into the dna of the infected cell. After that the infected cell reproduces itself with the dna alteration. For stone, sand,... the radiation approach would be the better idea thou^^
As is posted before, this kinda reminds me of the movie 'Evolution'.
Hard to farm meteorite because of some worms and spiky slimes? Deal with it :) Did you ever play hardcore and went to the jungle early game to get the blade of grass, ivy whip and thorn chakram? That is hard with all those hornets and man eaters^^ Even with shadow/crimson armor. Poison debuff D: Beozar to negate it, ok, but you need to get it first^^ And there are spiky slimes and worms as well^^
A monster variety in the meteorite biome does not hurt at all. Not as boring as those brainless 'fly straight at the hero' meteor heads. Worms are almost the same, ok, but look different and make that creepy noise^^ Slimes/spiky slimes... build a wall that they can not jump over while you are mining -> no threat anymore.
If you don't like slimes and worms make some suggestions (and maybe add sprites) that fit the theme of the biome.
My 2 cents about all that blabbering about slimes and worms.
If you find typos, keep them as a trophy :p I'm not a native english speaker :)
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This would add a great concept to the game! I find the meteorite is worthless after two or so mining trips. (Plus this looks awesome!)


Add ores...pre H.M. nubitanium(pickaxe,axe,sword,armor) neon ore{lol}(neon armor,sword,neon pulsegun) neon ore color(red,blue,green) meteor2.0(armor,hamaxe,Sword). hard mode:graviton ore(graviton armor,sword,laser rifle,drill,axe,bullet(?)


Just added a unique new enemy to the ranks of the evolved Meteor biome:

Alien Flower
*Stationary enemy which fires homing Spores into the air (like those of the Giant Fungi Bulb).
Health: 80
Spore Damage: 40
Contact Damage: 30
Defense: 4


Anyways, without further action, you get my first approval badge. This idea expands the Meteorite Biome to be a "Proper" biome, without overdoing it. Also, the sprites look like they belong to the game and look official.
Stamp Of Approval.png
Another spreading biome? Sure, why not. This has a good mechanic preventing it from becoming an irritating thing. Plus this makes it feel less like filler material and more like a legitimate biome.


Is the pet summoning item still dropped in Hardmode, even when Meteor Heads don't drop anything else? I'd prefer to be able to get it on my own time.
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