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tModLoader Metroid Mod


Official Terrarian

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Manual download | Github Repository
Available on the Mod Browser

It's finally here!

This mod is currently in Open Beta. This means there is the possibility of bugs and balance issues that you may encounter while playing.
-Single Player-
* As far as we know, the only major singleplayer issues are balance related. Let is know what is too difficult or too easy, and we'll see what we can do to fix it!

* Enemies and bosses have wonky behavior in multiplayer. They may "teleport" short distances. It's possible some bosses may be too difficult in multiplayer as a result. If this is the case, feel free to use a cheat mod or fight the boss in singleplayer.
* Using Right Click to collect an item from a Chozo Statue may cause the item to disappear instead. Use a pickaxe to mine the item for the time being. Same applies to Missile Expansions. A fix has been implemented for this, but I don't know if it works 100%. I would like multiplayer users to try obtaining items via right click to see if all is well.

-tModLoader 64bit-
* This mod is untested on TML64 and some users have reported crashes when using it.
Feedback is greatly appreciated, as we will be actively trying to fix each issue that crops up.
While reporting issues on this thread is fine, you may also report issues here. Simply click "New Issue", give it a title and a description. The more details the better.

Mod Contents:
A wiki is currently being worked on for this mod. In the meantime, here's a quick progression guide so you can get into the thick of it:
-Getting started-
First of all, make sure the mod is properly enabled and loaded. Then, make a new world and character.

The start is not far off from vanilla: Dig, build, explore, fight.

During your exploration, you may encounter a few new things: Chozite Ore, Chozo Statues, and Missile Expansions.

Note: Chozite Ore requires 50% pickaxe power to mine, though Chozo Statues do not have this requirement. Mining a statue will net you additional Chozite ore. (Personal statues can be made out of regular stone, and mining them does not give you ore.)
Every statue you encounter will have an item resting on its hands. Almost every item you find will be unusable, however, but save them for later. Same goes for Missile Expansions.

Continue playing until you're powerful enough to defeat the Eye of Cthulhu. Chozite Armor can be made out of Chozite Ore.

Not exactly a Power Suit... yet!

You may have noticed an odd icon on your map.

Heading over to it will take you through the desert to find...

The Chozo Ruins!
The doors can be opened with Right Click or by firing a projectile into them - though I suggest saving your arrows if that's what you're using. You're gonna need them.
If you venture through the ruins thoroughly, you'll find:
-A magic carpet
-Morph Ball
-Missile Expansion
-Sandstorm in a Bottle
-Morph Ball Bombs
-Power Grip
If you've found any Morph Ball addons during your previous explorations, you can now use them with the Morph Ball.

You'll know you're reaching the end once you see a Save Station (it's actually just a fancy bed).

Set your spawn point here, if you want. Or don't. Either way, you're about to fight a boss (in case it wasn't obvious).

Suspicious Chozo Statue is suspicious. This thing is larger than any other statue, and boy that Energy Tank seems tempting... But any veteran Metroid fan may know what'll happen if you approach it.

I hope you've brought plenty of arrows for your bow, or have plenty of magic for your magic weapon... or just plan on swinging a sword into it. Either way, it's time to fight the Torizo.

Defeating it will yield some Chozite Ore, and also Energy Shards - a much needed resource. With Energy Shards and Chozite Bars, you can craft the Power Beam! Pew pew!

But also remember how the Torizo was holding an Energy Tank? With these Energy Shards, you can craft Energy Tanks. However, to do so, you will also need Shadow Scales (if on a Corruption world) or Tissue Samples (if on a Crimson world). Which means you need to fight a vanilla boss: Either Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu.

With Energy Shards and Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples in hand, crafting Energy Tanks is now doable. You may now use Energy Tanks to convert your Chozite Armor into...

The Power Suit! -Insert Samus intro fanfare here-

The guide ends here. I will write more in time, but for now, explore and find out things on your own for awhile. I hope the design of this mod is intuitive enough so that you won't need a guide too much to figure out what to do next. If it isn't, feel free to submit suggestions on how to improve it. Also if you're stuck on what to do next, simply ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability.
You can also use the mod Boss Checklist to help you figure out what to do next - this mod is fully compatible with it!
Q: How do I fight the Omega Pirate/access Phazon content/cause the Phazon meteor to spawn?
A: Defeat Plantera on hardmode, and you should see a chat message stating a Phazon meteor has landed.
If it has not landed, this could be because of 1 of 2 reasons:
1- You have a sky bridge going from one end of the map to the other, in which case breaking out a section of the bridge should allow it to spawn.
2- A rare bug has occurred wherein a meteor never spawns and never will. Please report anything you can if this happens, as I have no idea what causes it and it's hard to replicate.
After it has successfully landed, you'll find it on the surface. It'll look like a normal meteorite, except it'll consist of Phazon ore. And in the center of the meteor is a red Phazon core. You'll need to craft the Nova Laser Drill tool in order to mine the ore and the core. Mining the core does not yield any items, and instead, it'll spread Phazon through the world, similar to destroying a Demon Altar and having a hardmode ore spawn through the world.
Phazon ore can be turned into Phazon Bars via the Nova Worktable, and Phazon Bars can be used to craft the Omega Pirate's summon item.

Q: How do I get the Supercooled Plasma Core?
A: It is dropped from the Ice Queen mini-boss that spawns during the Frost Moon event. (I'm planning on changing this in the future so that it's more easily accessible.)

Q: Do you plan to add <insert Metroid item/enemy/boss/thing here>?
A: I plan to add as much Metroid content I can cram into this mod, though be aware that it's all quite time consuming, so please be patient.

Q: What about Fusion content? (Fusion Suit/X Parasites/SA-X)
A: This is a little iffy. I do plan to add Fusion content, but as of yet, I'm not sure how. There's a lot that goes into Fusion as a whole, and it's difficult to implement it in a faithful way.
X-Parasites spawning from enemies, for example, would be a huge gameplay change, and I want to make sure players who don't want them can easily opt-out of having them. Yet at the same time, I want to make sure they still pose the threat that they are. It gets messy if I don't make sure the details are worked out properly in a way that makes sense.

Boss Checklist - Fully compatible!
Terraria Overhaul - Expect issues

Not many other mods have been tested, though most of them should be compatible. Let us know of any and all mod compatibilities and we'll see if we can fix them - if not, we'll list the incompatibility here.

Update (hotfix)

* New Mod Icon and new Larval Metroid sprite (thanks, Begoliah!)
* It is now easier to target enemies with Seeker Missiles.
* Redid crit chance code for Hunter weapons. This fixes generic crit bonuses not being applied to it and we've added Hunter crit bonuses to the various power suit helmets.
* Buffed Power Beam crit chance from 3% to 7%
* Buffed Missile Launcher crit chance from 3% to 14%
* Reduced Missile Combo Cost reductions granted by armor breastplates.

We're aware a lot of things are overpowered right now and these small changes aren't very significant. But we mostly wanted the crit functionality to be there when we make further changes.
Balance changes are coming, don't worry. It's just that bug fixing is simply taking a higher priority over balance tweaks right now

* Fixed improper file path for Hyper Beam item tile colors which was causing errors.
* Fixed game scaling and UI scaling causing misalignment with the Seeker and Vortex Storm targeting reticles. Also added a visual animation when initially targetting an enemy with Seekers.
* Fixed crawlers (Geemer, Sova, etc.) and hoppers (Sidehopper, Dessgeega) not being colored by other effects such as Hunter's Potion or freeze debuff.
* Fixed Morph Ball drill being able to mine things during the Old One's Army event.
* Fixed Serris flying off the map. Now if it goes out of bounds, it begins heading back towards the player.
* Fixed Omega Pirate expert boss bag floating in air, when it should drop to the floor like a vanilla bag.

Fixes that need further testing:
* Tweaked Power Beam/Missile Launcher Charge code to (hopefully) alleviate firerate issues. (Some users reported that Charge Beam increases firerate, even though I never really encountered this myself, but I did what I could to fix it anyway.)
* Various Ice Beam freeze debuff fixes and tweaks. Hopefully any and all AI issues have been fixed. Also flying enemies no longer drop to the floor (non-flying enemies still do).
* Possibly fixed Serris crashes.
* Fixed Serris not spawning body gore when transforming to X-Core in multiplayer.
* Fixed crawler enemies (Geemer, Sova, Zeela) teleporting in multiplayer.
* Fixed Kraid not opening his mouth in multiplayer.
* Fixed Kraid despawn issues.
* Fixed Phantoon damage phase issue where damaging him would not accelerate the phase in multiplayer.

Known Issues that are being looked into:
* Omega Pirate has various issues in multiplayer. Because this boss is such a code beast, an entire hotfix may be dedicated to him.
* Some balance issues aren't simply stat related and are more related to exploitable boss AI. Yeah... this is gonna take awhile to rectify.
Update (hotfix)

Potential Fixes (Need further testing):
* Implemented possible fix for the Grapple Beam bug caused by players holding Up and pressing Jump. I have been unable to replicate the bug, but going off of a hunch on what causes it, I did a minor code tweak. If this doesn't fix it, lemme know.
* Possible fix for Chozo Statue items disappearing in multiplayer. Would like others to test this with connected friends to see if it's working properly.

Phazon Meteor fixes:
* Lag issue should be fixed - this was caused by the meteor attempting to spawn, and fail, every single game frame. We've alleviated this by making it attempt to spawn every 60 seconds if it has failed.
* Phazon Meteor ignores platforms when spawning (unlike vanilla meteors). Still blocked by bridges made out of solid tiles.
* (Testing needing) Possible fix regarding the Phazon Meteor never spawning. Some of you have encountered an issue where defeating Plantera would not spawn the meteor yet no lag occurred. This meant the meteor had attempted to "spawn" but did not register it as a failure (the world flag for checking if it has spawned was set to true yet no message was shown). While this fix should mean that this no longer happens, existing worlds that have had this issue will remain bugged and no meteor will spawn. Unfortunately a new world will need to be generated. If no meteor still spawns after Plantera's defeat and you're sure no sky bridge is blocking it, let us know - it means this hasn't been fixed.

World Gen fixes and tweaks - A new world will have to be generated to see these changes:
* Redid rarity of statue items. Spider Ball and X-Ray Scope should be rarer as intended, though further tweaking may be needed.
* Changed wall type of Chozo Statue shrines - town NPCs should no longer be able to consider it as potential housing.
* Chozo Ruins walls will now have missing pieces to hopefully prevent the above issue and it looks more 'ruined' - Save room is untouched.

General fixes:
* Fixed issue with Morphing while using a vanilla grapple (and most grapples from other mods).
* Fixed Morph Ball drills being able to mine Demon Altars - oops!
* Phazon Core now damages the player like normal Phazon - except it ignores Phazon Suit immunity, as it is technically Red Phazon.
* Fixed Chozo Ghost town NPC despawning.
* Fixed crash caused by loading an existing world that was generated prior to activating this mod.
* Power Beam, Missile Launcher, and Morph Ball can no longer be placed in an Item Frame, as doing so would wipe installed addons.

More fixes are underway. Thank you all for the bug reports! Keep it up!

I'm no longer working alone on this. These are the wonderful peeps who helped make this mod possible:
-Scooterboot - that's me!
Special thanks to all these other people who've helped here and there:
-The tModLoader team for making tModLoader
-The tAPI Team because this mod was once for tAPI
-Surfpup + other devs for making tConfig back in the day, which is where this mod started.
-Everyone who has helped me on the forums (can't remember all of the names)
-Angie the Demoness
-Skyre Ventes
-And others that I've forgotten the names of...

A big thank you to the awesome community here and all of the kind words. This mod would have died long ago if there weren't so many caring and kind people here.
Terraria and Metroid are owned by Re-Logic and Nintendo respectively. I made this mod for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Old tAPI version can be found here if any of you are still interested in playing it.
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I can not express how much joy I'm having right now but holy :red:.

Like, the amount of times I played the mod, even if it was a leaked alpha (From what I can guess) but the amount of playtime I invested was immensely fun in of itself.

The new sprites and everything look good just from this post but whenever I get the chance, I'm gonna hop on this ASAP

thank you so much Scooter, you and your dev team absolutely amazing!


It is about time! i have been ready for ages for this. thank you lads for finally releasing it... now excuse me i have somethin' to play happily


None currently, but they are planned.
We've been toying with ideas such as adding the Aeon abilities from Samus Returns as expert items, and possibly the Special Charge Beam Attacks from Super Metroid as expert items as well.
That sounds like an awesome idea! It would add a lot of Metroid Flavour to make the best use of the extra modes rewards. Again i really thank you and all your team for the efforts and i wish you all (you, the developing team and the people of the threads) a great new year.<3🍾
I am so excited!!! I really wish I looked at my phone sometime during the day, but sadly my computer doesn't receive notification and I only noticed the release at 4 in the morning aaaahhh.... I can't wait though, the perfect new years gift!!!
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