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tModLoader Metroid Mod


Eye of Cthulhu
haha, noice. other M was good fun. Haven't played it in forever though cause now all my gaming is PC...
[insert long winded paragraph where i "accidentally" give you instructions on how to emulate other m by downloading dolphin, setting dolphin up, and then either pirating other m or extracting its .iso from your disk (i assume you have one, as you mentioned you did play it(be extremely careful when doing so though, im told :red:ing up can damage the data on the original disk)) and then advising the control scheme of wasd for movement, numpad + for one, numpad 9 for two, lmb for a, i think i had b bound to rmb? and space to "hide IR" but inverted so that you only need to hold it when going into first person mode instead of having to hold it every time oh and q to minus and e to plus, and i forgot what i had it bound to but you should have something bound to "sideways toggle" and "upright toggle" for the focus thing]


You have seen the other metroid mod right? I think putting the 2 mods together could come up with some pretty nice stuff but what could come out from both mod creators working together?


Skeletron Prime
Never occurred to me to try it until now considering Terraria's wide variety of movement options, but you CAN in fact ibj using this mod. Use this info how you'd like.


Hey I can't get the morph ball to work. When I press the mount button to enter morph ball mode it immediately reverts me back.
Any ideas as to why?
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