Portfolio/Multi-Topic Might as well give some suggestions while 1.4.4 is still in developement.

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I thought I might share some smaller quality of life changes and additions which would really help terraria, at least while we're still getting updates.

1. A problem I've always had problem with only being limited with one type of arrow and one type of bullet for multiple different guns and bows. For example, you may want to use chlorophyte bullets for a chain gun, but you also may not want to waste those bullets on more accurate guns which wouldn't require it, so you'd have to manually switch the bullet you want to use. My fix to this is actually quite simple (maybe not to program but certainly on paper), and it's just to be able to link the weapon to the bullet/arrow/rocket types you want the weapon to fire.

2. It's always annoying when the traveling merchant appears in a place where you can't easily get to, such as town without a pylon set up, or maybe there was an NPC on a floating island (especially that actually). My suggestion is a traveling merchants cart, which allows the traveling merchant to spawn only near them. As a bonus, for every cart in the world (with a maximum of 20), the traveling merchant gets a slightly higher chance to sell rarer items, but the prices also get slightly higher. They cost 20 gold and can be brought from every traveling merchant.

I had more ideas to give but I'm running low on time, so I might share them later.

okay, I'm back.

3. I find the main problem with inventory clogging is less to do with the quantity of items in a stack, but more so the quantity of items overall. It's rare you're going to reach a full stack of something when exploring, and even when you do then it'll only be one extra space being used. when you destroy a few cobwebs a daybloom and a few pots which happens very often and is hard to avoid you're inventory is quite full, which can be especially annoying when you're a hoarder like me. My answer to this would be similar to minecrafts bundle but not quite. Most of Terraria's items usually fit into different categories, potions, seeds, you name it, so I figure you could have pouches specifically for that kind of item which autosort whenever something enters your void bag or inventory.
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