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Drawings & Paintings Milt69466's Fan art and stuff



Well, Here it is in all it's glory THE WALL OF SPOILERS HAS AWOKEN!!!!!

JK, It isn't a wall of spoilers like before

In the spoilers below, you'll find the full image of some of my work along with my personal comments.

Colored pencils and that's about it

This is a chibi of my current character Helena
Gibs... gibs everywhere
This is Seth, my secondary character.
This literally happens to me every time I fight the destroyer, and it never ends well....:mad:

Cruddy cellphone picture
My first OC ever, newly redone. Also the reason for my username.

Photoshop CS6 and a Bamboo tablet!

My first ever Digital artwork. It looks bloody derpy...

In fact.... I'm kind of ashamed of even keeping it here <.<;
Because no matter how badass you think you are, you still have to protect NPCs from the most pathetic of monsters.
Thing just got 90% smoother, 90% shadier, and like 150% cooler.
When in doubt, wield an outrageously big hammer
Here's a cleaned up and shaded version of the image above
Check out this awesome boss suggestion by Sir Cutswood here
well I was playing a forum game...
Zimberzimber and Agent Zero... yeah....
Burrower from Tobbvald's Contagion Biome
I spent an unusual amount of time shading this bugger, and I'm rather pleased with the result of my little "tests"
Starring are good ole friend Yrimir. It's pretty obvious who's going to win isn't it :p
For Shotte
Baconfry, keeping the suggestions safe from all those CATHULHULWU threads and such
A test in colored outlines that I felt ended up very well!
Love is in the air <3
Helena in her old Vanity
A visual interpretation of Qui Devorat's Nageru VS Helena poem. Originally for a forum game, but I decided not to half :red: it

For this playthrough
Helena in her Pre-Terraria outfit using her special attack, Flaming Hammers!!!
Diving into a new art style using more complex brushes and more efficient coloring
DGFVR made a sketch of a "more lewd" armor for Helena, I redrew it in my own style...... bewbs....
Helena went OP
Hold on to your soul
Why I haven't done this yet is alluding me.....
Helena and Scarlet( Scarecrow's OC) doing stuff. Only a few people will know the context however.
I offered to draw @Wyverntamer's new OC Krialdria
Me and @DG-VR. have been doing a play through. Here are our characters so far. Yun is also a new OC of mine
Fanart of Suweeka's OC Haqu
I have a thing for Stardust Dye... gotta love that new 1.3 smell
Drawing for ajidot
Drawing for ppowersteef
Drawing for DG-VR.
Drawing for Samrux
I took two of my two worst things I'm at when it comes to drawing (complex poses and architecture) and slapped them onto one canvas <.<;
The first in my "Vowel Series", this is my old OC Milt
The second of my "Vowel Series", this is ppowersteef's OC Nageru
The third of my "Vowel Series", this is DG-VR.'s OC Xiao
The fourth of my "Vowel Series", this is Scarecrow's OC Scarlet
The last of my "Vowel Series". Aberrant, Daimera (Daimera), and Waria (Szaila)
Selenian from the Solar Pillar of the celestial event.
I simplified this vanity greatly. Also hammers and stuff
Simply put, we needed to be more OP
Just some art for our beloved Relogic business manager D-Town
Wanted to draw something cute and fun, also has a background <.<;
Self explanatory
Also comes with a little Easter egg
Tried to make ajidot more badass
my entry for the contest, may the best entries win!
Birthday gift to the One and Oni Suweeka!
Yun, Helena's lil' sister, finally in her own, custom vanity set and 100% cheesed hands
It's getting cold now, and Helena needs to feel warm and cozy with Chlor =w=

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Requests do not have to be specifically Terraria related, but If you do want something non-terraria, it is mandatory provide an image.
Requests will not have backgrounds
Give me some guidelines, I don't enjoy guess work all too much
For best results, please post a reference for a pose if you want a specific one
If you want, you can request a specific style (chibi and what not)
Please specify if you want your request done traditionally! Digital will be default.
I will only allow Five requests at a time
I'm also biased, so don't expect me to give you something when I don't like you.
On the topic of Gifs, I probably won't do it. But if I like you, maybe I will.
Remember, I'm human, and will finish requests by their simplicity, so complex ones WILL take longer
Current request list

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[url= http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?attachments/sodapone-sisters-png.84767/]

This one took me 4 months to upload....

version with wisp
Ironicly completed on the night of a blood moon...

And with cape
you can also find me on Deviant art
comments and critique is widely accepted

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Great to see this back up and running! The banners are a very nice touch for organization and readability, and very eye-catching to boot!
Thanks! I actually got the idea from you and Suika :p
Good to see this thread! I'll have to keep an eye out for new art and request availability!

Thanks! I'll be opening it up again in a few days, I think my English test wants to eat me :confused:


I had double spoiler issues on the old forum. Try opening the BB Code editor (far upper right corner) and check to see if there is any unnecessary BB Code inside the spoiler itself. I managed to get rid of mine because I found some weird unnecessary text-size modifiers inside the spoiler which apparently didn't mesh with the spoiler's own inherent formatting, which were artifacts from trying to copy-paste stuff.

If that's not the problem, then I'm not sure what the problem is. :c But it's worth a shot for now.


Centered spoilers for life!

Am awaiting the time that you make requests available! I'll be sure to keep an eye on this


Updated the Sprites portion of my thread:D

This post will be replaced by a OP continuation if I ever go over the image limit: as it did

Gem staves are awesome, it ripped the eye to shreds
The classic running/flying backwards with a gun pointed at the boss pic
The calm before the fiasco that is hard mode

[Edit] I'll be attaching images to this post for the sake oh having an attachment base

Chewelews RIP.png
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This stuff looks really amazing. I like the sketchy lines and such. Your armor design is really cool, as well. How do you come up with how to draw the armors?
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