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Hello guys,

I recently started working on a map which I thought would be cool.

The idea is to have one (or more) island(s) for each biome. It is still on testing version, so I'll only post the Journey version, but as I improve it and have a good playable version, I'll post all versions as well (Classic, Expert and Master).

Each island will have at least one of each item that you would get in that area (So cavern/undergroung will have from Magic Mirror to Lava Charm).
It is still quite easy to get all the itens, because I didn't had much criativity yet.

I think it is still missing lots of itens/blocks/others, so any feedback is appreciated.

----------------------- Full Map v0.2 -----------------

I still hadn't time enough to test it though the entire game, didn't even kill EoC, so it might be bugged.

v0.1 - Created
v0.2 - Added Shadow Orbs/Hearts, Decorations, pots and a few minor things changed.

This is also my first post in the forum as far I remember, so, I'm glad to be here.

Thanks in advance guys!


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I'll try this map. Also i'm looking at this map, and i guess it don't have ores; WoF fight would work badly; It require some better shapes instead of floating squares; It's require a enchanted sword shrine; Maybe hardmode dungeon chest, i just looking at map image; I'll write another comment if i will find something to report.
Also i got an idea! Recreate the entire world, using full research character or a tedit.
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A bit more of life crystals, chests; A guide at the start, just because it's should be from the start of the game; Dungeon should be higher, because it's spawns DG too fast. Dungeon entarce should be smaller and have more furniture, more book shelves. Dungeon should have more loot, like in the vanilla. The last dungeon chest (at the bottom of pink bricks zone) are empty!; This map require gems; What does those moss balls do here, and why?: Lihzahrd Dungeon require spikes, traps, and a more space, so golem won't spawn in the wall and a lihzahrds would be able to spawn in the dungeon; What does those biome clouds do under everything?; Why there's obsidian chest in the hell that contains terragrim and a enchanted sword?; Living wood contains finch staff, not only wands!; There's no corrals, stars, and chests in the right ocean; In the left ocean no sand, and why does it so deep?; Over the right ocean some meteorite balls. They are unfindable! Just remove them, because this are a bit cheaty to get meteorite before EoW or a BoC; Why does biomes are divided into a 2 cubes: surface, and underground?;
Sorry, but this map is bad, really bad. This map is playable, and you can beat terraria on it, but it's anyway too bad.


Got it!
I did it in a hurry, and as I never posted I thought would be nice, and I was right, because if I don't, I would never know that!

I will try to re-do it with a little more caution, one thing a time.

Thanks for the feedback!
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