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WIP Minion rework

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Hello Terrarians, this is an idea I recently had, it seems that there need to be a rework, so I present to you
Ok so you know how when you get into hard mode and you have to get a better summoning weapon because your old Pre hardmode Minion just can't do enough damage on the hardmode enemies, well this rework changes that, now when your Minions help defeat a boss they, "Level up" what I mean by Level up is when they defeat a boss there stats like damage knock back, ect. Increases. your minion can only increase 7 times


They would have to implement a Level system for every item in the game, then. It wouldn't be fair if an Imp Staff could level up while my Night's Edge is stuck in the dust. Even then, Terraria is based upon getting new, better equipment and not augmenting your old gear to extend its lifetime past what it should have been.


Skeletron Prime
This won’t work for many reasons:
1. Easy bosses like the King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu can be easily farmed in the middle Pre-Hardmode, ultimately resulting in having Hornets that can easily kill early Hardmode enemies while you still haven’t even touched the Underworld. This would give summoners a huge advantage over other classes combat-wise.
2. This would be different for every minion. This would mean giving 7 different stat changes for each summon weapon.
3. Remember when I said summoners would have an advantage? To balance that, this would have to be true for every weapon in the game, which is a big no.
4. Adding more summon weapons would be much more effective.

Basically, I don’t support this.

Lord Garak

What's with all the posts about level systems lately? There's no need for leveling when prefixes and equipment replacement are already core functionalities.
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