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    This is my thread for all my mechanic mods. All smaller, game changing mods will be kept here. Any of my content mods or larger mods will get their own threads, but still be linked to from here. I don't mind if you have suggestions, but please keep them to the theme of my mods, and if that mod has it's own thread, please put the suggestions there.​

    Do you need somewhere to put information on your mod? Feel free to add your mods to the
    Never Enough Mods Wiki!
    Please use the correct categories, and try to keep the format similar to my own pages.

    RAAAWR~! Guess I should update this?
    Well, almost a month has passed since I've been back, and I now have a bunch of mods released.

    As of this moment, all of them seem to be mostly bug free, as far as I know, so yaaay. Unfortunately I hit a few bugs in tAPI, so until that's sorted out, EpicModifications will have to wait.

    I'll leave these links up for the curious, here's a few old examples of what can happen with EM:
    Legendary Purple Glazesaber of Legend
    Glowing Hallowed Plate Mail of Icarus (With Modifiers in Tooltip option enabled)
    Terrifying Hardmode Enemies

    I'll resume working on the mod when tAPI has updated, until then, it can wait. I did fix most the bugs with it while working on it though, it just needs more content. (especially NPC modifiers and suffixes)

    I'm currently working on ???, my big content mod. I have a few features I want to get into the initial version, the biggest being the "Crushinator", which will be an Extractinator-style tile that lets you break down items into others. I hope to add rubber stuff in the first version, and rubber will be made with wood pulp this time around.

    Once the initial stuff is done, ??? will get it's own thread in the Work-In-Progress second, and a link in this thread.

    I'm pretty busy for the next week, but I'll try to get as much done as I can :dryadsmile:

    icon.png MainSlotZero
    [Download] [Alt] [Last Updated: 2015/01/03]
    MainSlotZero is my attempt at a pseudo "Dual Wielding" mod. You cannot use both at the same time, however it does allow you to quickly use the left and right mouse buttons for different items.

    To use it, just put an item in your zero slot on the far right. This slot is tied to your right click, and will be used so long as you are not mousing over an NPC or Tile that can be right clicked.

    Due to using the right mouse button, the scope no longer uses it. In order to use the scope, you now use the keyboard. The button used can be configured in the ModOptions page. ('Q' by default)

    Known Issues
    None that I know of :dryadgrin: Let me know if you find anything.​

    icon.png Spawn Saver
    [Download] [Alt] [Last Updated: 2015/01/08]
    Spawn Saver is a simple mod made largely due to a large amount of requests for it. (And also because I wanted it myself)

    Simply put, when quitting a world (both single player and multiplayer), your location is saved, and when you next load that same world, you will be at that location.

    Warning, this is a little derpy in multiplayer if you disconnect in the middle of the air, so try to disconnect on solid ground :dryadtongue:

    Known Issues
    [FLAW]There is a roughly one in two billion chance, that two worlds will share a saved spot. Congrats if this happens to you.
    [FLAW]If your connection to the server is slow, you may log in embedded a few blocks into the ground.​

    icon.png BetterHealing
    [Download] [Alt] [Last Updated: 2015/01/03]
    BetterHealing is a mod that reduces the regeneration of health and mana, in order to encourage the use of potions, and overall to make the game more challenging.

    Through ModOptions, this mod allows you to configure:
    - The speed of passive health regeneration
    - When you regenerate mana
    - The length of the "Potion Sickness" debuff
    - The length of the "Mana Sickness" debuff
    - The penalty for the "Mana Sickness" debuff

    Known Issues
    None that I know of :dryadgrin: Let me know if you find anything.​

    icon.png Population Control
    [Download] [Alt] [Last Updated: 2014/12/28]
    Population Control is a small mod for those who want to make the game more (or less) difficult.

    The mod comes with 2 configuration options. One allows you to change the speed of spawning, the other allows you to change the maximum amount of NPCs spawned near a player.

    Known Issues
    None that I know of :dryadgrin: Let me know if you find anything.​

    icon.png The Swimming Mod
    [Download] [Alt] [Last Updated: 2014/12/23]
    The Swimming Mod is a very simple mod, that does one thing and one thing only. It lets you swim in any liquid, assuming you can survive in it.

    The controls are simple, if you are in water, holding jump will slowly swim up(Flippers are much faster), and holding down will let you sink. You only have to hold it until you're fully under water, then you will continue to sink unless you reach the surface again.

    By default, you cannot swim up while drowning, and have limited stamina for swimming. Both features can be disabled using ModOptions, and your max stamina can be configured as well.

    Known Issues
    None that I know of :dryadgrin: Let me know if you find anything.​

    Installing The Mods
    All of my mods require tAPI! You can get it here: tAPI Homepage

    Installing tAPI mods is quite easy. After running tAPI, go into the "Mods" menu and look in the top left corner. Press the "Open Modpack Directory" button, and put any .tapi files into that folder. If you hit reload mods, those mods should appear in the list, all you have to do is click them, enable them, then reload mods again.

    If you associated .tapi files during the installation process, it is even easier! Just "run" the .tapi file after downloading, and it will be automatically installed for you.​

    My Other Mods
    Please check out all of my other mods! :dryadsmile:
    MiraiMai's Future Dance

    Please read! License!
    These mods are released open-source for educational purposes. You are NOT to redistribute original or modified copies of any of my source files or sprites without my express permission. I will list anyone who has permission and links to their content here in this post, if you see someone whose name/content is not here, please inform me ASAP.
    None yet! Feel free to ask, no promises though :dryadsmile:
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  2. Kami

    Kami Terrarian

    Thanks for the mods! Loved the swimming :happy:
  3. PeTaki

    PeTaki Terrarian

    Do you want to port the Never Enough Mods too? I can't wait for them :( Me and my girlfriend are waiting for these mods to start playing Terraria again, because the vanilla game is boring :/ :(
  4. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    You're welcome :dryadsmile: I love having the swimming, makes little sense that you cant float in vanilla.
    Aw really? I'll be working on updating my mods as quick as I can over the next week or so. Instead of the "Never Enough" mods separated, I'm going to be combining them all into 1 mod (currently marked "???" on the wiki :dryadtongue: ) so that its easier for me to deal with. What parts in particular are you guys waiting for? I can try to port those into the mod first :dryadsmile:

    Curious question, I've had someone comment that swimming should have some kind of downside, I honestly never thought of it because I didn't think it was too powerful of a change.

    One option I thought of, was to prevent swimming up if you are already drowning. Any yays/nays to that, or any other ideas? I would make any of these possible to disable, I wont force them on everyone, I'm just curious on what everyone thinks about having a drawback to swimming to "balance" it.
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  5. Arkhayla

    Arkhayla Terrarian

    I would say if you are wearing heavy armor - but short of going through and listing every piece of armor you have.... maybe if you defense is > a certain amount?
    could even have pre-HM and post-HM values for that to balance it? <shrugs>
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  6. PeTaki

    PeTaki Terrarian

    My favorite were the Accessories pack and the Headgears :happy: These helmets were awesome! Will you release the incomplete "???" pack in different pieces, or at the end, when everything is written?

    What if you could only swim with 50-75% speed when drowning? Different from this, the speed of the swimming could depend on the "heaviest" or all armor's defense, if its possible. I think the best is when only the armor's defense matter, because +defense accessories don't mean they are heavy.
    I dont know how hard is to code these, but they're just ideas :indifferent:
  7. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    What about the swim meter from The Wind Waker? as in you have a swim bar, and if that bar runs out, you sink, and it fully restores itself upon exiting water
  8. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    The plan is to write it over time, it will be released in its own thread in the "Work In Progress" board.

    Curious for the helmets, what did you like the most? I'm not 100% sure I'll be keeping the "works in vanity" feature, but I think I have a way to make it work similar to that.

    You already swim up ridiculously slow, slowing it anymore would make it not worth it. For the defense-based weight, it doesn't work well because either way towards the end of either mode, you'll always be sinking. I don't think there's really a good way to balance a weight thing properly; even if I got it working with vanilla, it would break with mod-added armours.

    This is an interesting idea, something like stamina. It's a lot of work for a small feature, but I might attempt that one.
  9. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Official Terrarian

    I think the current swimming mod is fine, really. The mere fact that vanilla Terraria can't even swim at all without assistance, yet real humans can, and pretty easily too, stands as testament to the necessity of this mod. Even in a world of video game logic, it's as realistic as it can get. It doesn't need a downside. It's natural. Two thumbs up.

    Very eagerly awaiting the rest of the excellent mods. Thanks very much for adding to the pool of great user-made content!
  10. PeTaki

    PeTaki Terrarian

    Maybe the helmets should need an equal worth vanilla helmet/helmets to craft(one helmet for visor, two for navigator)? Not so realistic, but works :( And the vanity function doesnt needed anymore. I usually used the best helmet that i could afford, so always tried to gather the materials for the better. :D
  11. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    A quick warning I forgot to give, until the new version of tAPI is released where ModOptions are fixed, you MUST open the option page for half of the features in BetterHealing to work properly. There's a bug in R14A that makes it so new mods with options are not initialized until you look at the options manually.

    Hence why any negatives will be posible to disable :dryadsmile: At this point I'm thinking of preventing the upward swimming if you're drowning, and the stamina.

    Glad to hear you enjoy them :dryadsmile:

    After thinking about it a bit, I think I came up with a solution. I may make them into accessories. That way, for people who want the effect but also want a proper helmet, you can. With visible accessories now, I could even have the accessory headgear showing :dryadsmile:
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  12. PeTaki

    PeTaki Terrarian

    Perfect idea ;) The first thing i'll do is downloading Shockah's Accessory Slots+ :D
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  13. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Great mods! To be expected from you though, Mirai / Rawr :D
  14. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Swimming Mod Update 2014/12/19
    -Swimming up in water now uses the jump button, not the up button
    --This will prevent interaction with the Gravitation Potion
    --Bug: You still swim "up" with gravity reversed, will fix.
    -Added Stamina
    --Swimming upwards and floating will drain stamina
    --Stamina will slowly go up so long as:
    ---You have full breath
    ---You are not fighting gravity (flying/jumping/swimming)
    --Players can only swim while they have stamina
    -Prevented players from swimming upward while drowning
    --Does NOT prevent jumping with the Flipper accessory
    -Added ModOptions to configure/disable the new features

    PS: Sorry about gravity thing, tired of working on this, took way too long for a relatively small update, will get to it soon...
    PPS: Yet again, forum messed with my formatting, saving the BB Code in a text file now. Hate you too, forum software %:sigh:
    PPPS: I have just discovered the female/dryad smilies :dryadeek:
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  15. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    It's baaack :dryadgrin:

    MainSlotZero Release 2014/12/21
    -Updated to R14A
    -Fast weapons should no longer flicker
    -Weapons now always work at full speed in the main slot
    -Added CallInMod hooks for other mods to use:
    --The following 2 hooks are for people using global ModTileTypes or interactable non-town NPCs
    ---"AddUsableTile" (int): Prevent main slot usage over the provided tile
    ---"AddTalkingNPC" (int): Prevent main slot usage over the provided NPC
    --"AddScopeDelegate" (Func<bool>): Add a delegate to enable the scope button
    -Added support for Scopes
    --Scopes are now used by keypress instead of right clicking
    --This *may* mess with other mods, if they are using Main.mouseRight instead of player.controlUseTile
    -ModOptions added to configure the key used to trigger scopes

    Up next I'll be doing EpicModifiers and ???, EpicModifiers mainly just needs me to make more modifiers, the system itself should work fine as is, so it will probably be next. I'm noticing a lot of people downloading my old NE-Weapons mod though, even though it's out of date, so maybe that's a hint to work on ??? :dryadtongue:
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  16. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    I derped baaaad :dryadconfused:

    MainSlotZero Update 2014/12/22
    -Fixed issue preventing right clicking in interface (DERP)
    -CallInMod hooks changed
    --"AddCallScopeDelegate" (Action): Add a delegate to be called during MidUpdate
    ---All delegates are called at once, mods should check their own "HasScope" delegate
    --"AddScopeDelegate" renamed to "AddHasScopeDelegate"
    -Main.mouseRight is now changed during ModBase.PostGameUpdate hook
    --It is also changed back in ModBase.PreGameDraw, to fix the interface issue
    -Minor clean up, should be more multiplayer friendly

    That was a huge and stupid mistake, all fixed now.

    On the plus side, I made icon's for all the tweak mods :dryadsmile: The other two mods will get them in-game on their next update.
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  17. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Aaand here we go again... I so can't wait until there's more comments, so I don't feel like a spammer :dryadtongue:

    BetterHealing Update 2014/12/23

    -Added a mod icon

    Swimming Mod Update 2014/12/23
    -Added a mod icon
    -Fixed a typo in the code
    -Fixed gravity issues

    That BetterHealing update is totally the most amazing update, every done to any tAPI mod. :dryadcool:

    Honestly, you don't need it if you have the original version, it literally just adds a little icon on the mods menu.

    The Swimming Mod update however, fixes the last of my known issues with the mod, so both these mods as far as I know are currently bug free. Feel free to prove me wrong and find some :dryadhappy:

    I did decide, next up is EpicModifiers, going to try filling out the content for that so it can be released. Then ??? will be released slowly in pieces in the Work In Progress forum. After EpicModifiers, my other overhaul, EpicRPG, will be my big project, which will add leveling, stats and overall probably slow down the pace of the game a bit.
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  18. Drakooga

    Drakooga Steampunker

    Ohh Glob, I really like this mod ;D it's one of the few tweaks Terraria really needed.
  19. bad_news

    bad_news Retinazer

    Nice, this makes my slime happy ^^
  20. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    If you thought those were needed, this one must be doubly so :dryadtongue: Merry Christmas, Terraria Community :dryadsmile:

    Spawn Saver Release 2014/12/24
    -Initial Release

    This is a mod that people have wanted since back in tConfig, but every version made has been super buggy. Basically, you join a world where you logged out, simple as that :dryadtongue:

    I seem to have gotten past all the major bugs, and the mod works perfectly well in both single player and multiplayer. The only issues I've had have been in multiplayer, and they were minor. (like being 1 or 2 blocks in the ground when I joined)

    For people who only play single player, you should be able to play bug free :dryadsmile:

    Also, honestly, congrats to anyone who gets the first flaw. I highly doubt it'll happen unless you purposely cause it to happen with a mod or something, though.
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