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    Just some "quality of life" suggestions.

    Placement Highlight
    When holding a placeable item larger than one block, the cursor displays a box or outline around where it would would go if you click. This suggestion is because trying to precisely place large furniture and paintings is a :red:. This would be a toggle-able option.

    Auto Select Logic
    Should always pick the best tool. Think about late in Normal mode, when you have to keep switching between your molten pickaxe and nightmare/deathbringer pickaxe to maintain top speed. The logic would probably be something like "Always use the fastest available, unless it won't work on this block".

    Auto/Manual Cursor Mode
    1. The cursors should be more noticeably different between these modes.

    2. Perhaps auto-digging could show a bit of an outline for what blocks it's going to target? (e.g. a 2x3 grid for digging up/down, 3x3 for digging sideways, or whatever shape it attempts when digging diagonally)

    Item Pull Logic
    When you're using up items (either by crafting or firing ammo), the game currently just picks the first usable stack it sees. I think it should pick the smallest stack of the first usable item it sees. Prevents all of the half-stacks you end up with now, while still letting you choose which material it uses if you have different ones available.

    Quick Stack Logic
    Going to a chest and hitting "Quick Stack" should not steal your healing potions. Quick Stack should ignore the largest stack of whatever your best healing item is. Same for mana potions (I think. I've never played a pure mage, so I never used mana potions)

    Health/Mana Potion Count
    There should be a display somewhere (left of your HP meter?) for how many of your best healing or mana potion you have remaining. Just so you don't have to keep a stack in your hotbar to know how many you have. I imagine it would just be a picture of a big red or blue potion, with a number inside.

    Consumable Count
    When using a consumable item that isn't in your hotbar (e.g. torches, flares, glowsticks), the "current item" text up top should say how many you have left.

    Chat Box in Singleplayer
    This would be useful for two reasons:
    • Leaving messages in screenshots (e.g. "look at this wacky worldgen" or "here is the secret entrance to my base")
    • Seeing any game messages you missed (e.g. a meteorite hits while you're busy fighting stuff)
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  2. MegaMage314

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    I think Cenx confirmed this one for 1.3
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  3. Frain Breeze

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    MegaMage314: Neat! Got a link on that?

    Updated first post (added Placement Highlight)
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    link! Here you go.
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    Thank you